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Julien Abou Khalil

Julien Abou Khalil

Managing Partner
Global Sector Leader, Financial Services

Julien Abou Khalil is a Partner at Stanton Chase and leads the Financial Services practice for the Dubai office. He is an accomplished executive and investment consultant coming from the banking and finance industry, with a proven track record in setting up and developing businesses. He has more than 20 years of regional and international expertise. Recently, he has been particularly active in the areas of venture capital, investment advisory and structuring, with a vested interest in asset management. Julien also has diverse experience across the banking sector, notably wealth management for high net worth individuals and investment banking.

Julien Abou Khalil worked across numerous jurisdictions and with different types of clients, both on the private and institutional side.  Prior to joining Stanton Chase, he served as the Managing Partner for a large multifamily office in Dubai where he grew successfully the proprietary portfolio of assets, developed new business opportunities, and structured ventures under a full-fledged privately-owned investment bank in Abu Dhabi; he was responsible for more than 2 billion USD in placements and running businesses. In 2014 he also founded a private structuring and advisory services practice, where he handled close to 500 million USD in discretionary wealth structuring, venture capital, and private equity. Julien Abou Khalil started building his private banking experience in the Gulf region early 2007 by working in several top banks like Société Générale, Credit Agricole Suisse, Arab Bank Switzerland, Arab Investment Bank, and others. As part of his banking expertise, he spent several years in internal auditing and was a member of the Institute of Internal Auditors.

Julien Abou Khalil holds a Master’s degree in Management from St. Joseph University in Beirut, Lebanon and is certified in most sectors of the banking industry. He is fluent in Arabic, English, and French. Julien Abou Khalil is based in in the UAE/Dubai.


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