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Experience Search+TM, a new era in executive recruitment

We are reimagining how executive search firms engage with clients and candidates. What worked before isn't good enough now. We are dedicated to driving change.

That's why we developed our exclusive, cutting-edge retained executive search process, Search+TM. Experience reduced bias, enhanced objectivity, and unparalleled transparency as we connect you with candidates you never knew were out there.

We refuse to settle for mediocrity or average leadership. We are committed to finding transformational leaders who deliver exceptional results.

Whether you're expanding into new markets, strengthening your C-suite, recession-proofing your business, or filling the void left by retirees, we will search tirelessly to find the right leader for you.

What makes Search+TM special?

Search+TM is all about personalization. We believe the better we understand you and your business culture, the better we can find your next great leader.

Our partner-led approach ensures consistency and transparency. The same partner who initiates your search remains your point of contact throughout.

We conduct extensive, tailored research for every assignment. We start each search with a clean slate, free from pre-existing candidate lists. Our approach is one of unrestricted, fearless, and meticulous executive search.

Leveraging our global presence and understanding of local dynamics, Search+TM delivers the perfect executive fit the first time around.

What makes Search+TM special?How Does Search+TM Work?

With over 30 years of connections, we access candidates beyond the market. Our extensive reach enables us to conduct searches across industries, regions, and executive functions.

Search+TM champions equity in leadership. Built on the premise of fairness, we select diverse candidates based on merit and fit, fostering representative leadership teams.

Balancing technology and innovation with the invaluable human touch, Search+TM understands that leadership thrives on human expertise and experience. In this way, Search+™ offers the executive search process of the future, today.

How Does Search+TM Work?


The Search+TM journey starts with creating a detailed leadership profile of your ideal candidate. This profile is based on your business needs, objectives, and aspirations. Guided by your insights, we identify preferred traits, skills, and experience to find extraordinary executive talent, from visionary CEOs to inventive CMOs and beyond.


The Search+TM journey continues as we meticulously evaluate a wide range of contenders. Our Brain Pool extends beyond your direct competitors to identify the ideal match for your team. Utilizing our Fit‑for‑Purpose Leadership Assessment Framework, we ensure compatibility with your organization's culture and values. Our ability to evaluate candidates' long-term potential ensures their lasting value.


Our commitment doesn't end there. Search+TM focuses on a proven onboarding acceleration that enables leaders to deliver value on day one. We understand the high stakes of executive hiring. That's why we're dedicated to helping you and your new team member succeed together.

Why Use Search+TM for Your Executive Recruitment?

Search+™ works for all C-suite roles in all industries.

Connect with global leadership talent

Improve your executive team’s diversity

Make the right hire the first time

At Stanton Chase:

  • We believe the better we understand you and your business culture, the better we can find your next great leader.
  • We believe your needs are special and unique to your company, so we pay attention when you speak.
  • We believe in fostering enduring relationships based on trust, friendship, and mutual respect.
  • We believe in providing you with tailored options, rather than presenting a group of typical, clichéd candidates.
  • We believe in diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging in executive search. We strive to provide you with diverse executive candidates.
  • We believe all people should have equal opportunity for career growth and advancement.
  • We believe we're your success partner, so our process is transparent. You'll always know what's going on.

Frequently Asked Executive Search Questions

How does retained executive search differ from contingency recruitment?

Retained executive search and contingent recruiting are often mistakenly used interchangeably, although they have distinct differences in methodology, approach, and value for both clients and candidates.

A retained executive search firm focuses on quality rather than quantity. It showcases a smaller number of highly qualified and in-demand professionals. On the other hand, contingent recruiters prioritize quantity over quality, aiming to place as many candidates as quickly as possible.

Retained executive search consultants work closely with their clients. They’re committed to understanding your organization’s culture and strategy. They want to find the best fit for the role and secure a lasting, successful executive hire. They also offer a guarantee for each assignment.

Candidate assessments
Retained executive recruiters are serious about accurately assessing candidates. They use advanced techniques like competency-based interviews, 360-degree referencing, and psychometric testing to carefully evaluate candidates. Contingent recruiters leave their clients to handle the assessment and selection process themselves.

Reach and expertise
Retained executive search firms specialize in placing candidates in senior and C-suite positions. They have extensive industry knowledge and a global network, making them well-equipped to find the right fit for top-level positions.

What are the benefits of retained executive search?

Make the right hire the first time
Replacing an executive is expensive, and you don't want to have to do it more than once. Whether you're looking to hire a vice president, board members, or a C-level executive, you can find the perfect match from the start by partnering with a retained executive search firm. This will have a positive impact on employee morale, productivity, organizational effectiveness, and stock prices. It will also have a positive effect on your peace of mind—and that matters to us, too.

Improve your executive team’s diversity
A good executive search firm can help reduce bias and enhance diversity within your executive team in virtually any industry. Executive search firms accomplish this by expanding your potential talent pool and considering qualifications, experience, and compatibility with your organization as the primary criteria for shortlisting candidates, irrespective of their ethnicity, age, gender identity, or sexual orientation.

Connect with world‑class executives
Executive search firms have access to a pool of passive candidates, which can be challenging to recruit. Experienced executives may also not be actively looking for new opportunities, but retained executive search firms can employ persuasive tactics to entice them to consider switching roles.

Keep your business private
Executive search firms prioritize confidentiality when handling executive searches and C-level hiring. This discretion is especially crucial when replacing existing executives or hiring new ones, particularly if you prefer to avoid broadcasting the news to everyone. If you wish to maintain the privacy of your company's affairs, using an executive search firm is the best approach.

Why is it important to have partner-led executive search?

As a leader, you deserve to work with other leaders. Some executive search professionals who approach you about carrying out a search may not be the same people who conduct the actual search. It's common for executive search firms to delegate searches to junior associates or assistants. That isn't the case with us.

At Stanton Chase, we believe in a partner-led approach where the same partner who starts your search will be with you throughout the process. This way, our partners are dedicated to your success and will remain your primary point of contact.

Why is our approach so important?

First impressions matter
Consider who is talking to highly qualified candidates about your company culture, your hiring process, your company's strategy, its operations, or financial issues. Junior associates are rarely exposed to the details of your company's needs and objectives. You don't want the first impression that potential executives get to be of someone who isn't knowledgeable or at the top of their game.

Experience matters
Our partners don't just find leaders; they tap into their own experience to source the best candidates who align with your vision, ethos, and strategy. At Stanton Chase, our partners also act as real brand ambassadors for clients' businesses, leveraging their deep industry expertise to provide strategic advice beyond the scope of the search project.

Influence and insight matter
Senior partners know how to position the opportunity in the right way and how to provoke executives' interest in the position. Executives know what other executives want. This is important because many executives will disengage from the search process if they feel that the consultant does not have the authority or experience to negotiate with them, potentially causing your company to lose high-end profiles from your talent pool.

Clients should demand that the partners who sell the work also do the work. This ensures that the search process is led by experienced professionals. At Stanton Chase, we believe that you deserve nothing less.

How long does the executive search process usually take?

Typically, this is what our executive search process looks like:

Week 1-2

Client Needs Analysis & Role Definition

  • Creating a specification of the position
  • Defining a target list of companies
  • Developing the Ideal Candidate Profile
  • Defining priorities, desired results, and a schedule for the search
  • Client calibration meeting
Week 3-6

Market Research

  • Identifying prospects with the required experience and skills who would fit the company’s culture
  • Interviewing candidates based on the competencies identified in the position’s specification
Week 7

Long List Review

  • Presenting the client with a complete report of the search, including the best prospects who were identified
Week 8-11

Client Interviews

  • Short-list presented
  • Short-listed candidates are assessed
Week 11-12


  • Final interviews
  • Background check
  • Offer and negotiation

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