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The insights you need about your current and future talent

Our all-encompassing assessment process is meticulously designed to gauge the abilities, competencies, and potential of senior-level executives or those being considered for leadership positions within your organization.

We don't just look at past achievements and experience. We reveal future leadership potential and organizational compatibility to find leaders who'll leave a lasting impression on your organization.

We'll help you figure out how well your leaders are performing, identify high-potential individuals, and strategize on developing them even further.

Get answers to questions like:

  • Is your current leadership team up to par?
  • How can you enhance your leadership team's effectiveness?
  • Are there any gaps in your leadership team's skill set?
  • Are your leaders effectively driving innovation within the organization?
  • How can your leaders better manage organizational change and uncertainty?
  • What steps can you take to continuously develop and improve the skills of your leadership team?
  • Can you make internal moves to spark the growth you're aiming for?

We'll help you confidently tackle these questions, equipping you with the insight and business acumen needed to make timely and well-informed leadership decisions.

How We Can Help

We offer strategic advice in the form of executive assessment and leadership development.
Our clients turn to us for assistance when they need help with:

Strategic Organizational Change

Wondering if your current leadership team has what it takes to drive your company's strategic evolution? We'll help you identify the right leaders for the job by evaluating their competencies and potential.

When planning your organization's strategic repositioning, crucial adjustments are needed. You'll have to rearrange team members, promote individuals to new leadership positions, and pinpoint skills that can be utilized elsewhere.

These challenges become easier to tackle with the proper assessment partner. The alternative can lead to disengaged leaders who stray in search of new careers.

Succession Planning

Promoting sustainable growth within an organization is essential as it progresses through various stages of development.

To achieve this, it's important to recognize internal candidates with the necessary skills and potential to assume new and more senior roles in the future, thereby ensuring the organization's long-term success.

This can be accomplished by comparing current capabilities with future demands based on organizational objectives and individual executive competencies.

Our evaluation approach aligns candidates with our Success Leader Profile by concentrating on the three As: ability, aspiration, and agility.

Executive Recruitment

We provide in-depth, comprehensive candidate evaluations to help you make informed decisions for critical senior leadership roles, including CEOs, CFOs, and other "CxO" positions.

Our executive assessments provide impartial insight into a leader's capacity to achieve your organization's short, medium, and long-term strategic and operational goals, while also enhancing the retention of successful hires.

No matter the method employed by your organization to discover and engage with executive candidates, obtaining a comprehensive, professional, and unbiased assessment from a third party is essential to reducing the risks associated with executive turnover.

Leadership Development

Your organization's capacity to recognize growth potential in executive leaders is crucial for both your organization and the individual leader to reach their full potential.

We help leaders refine the required leadership skills with the goal of quickly advancing to a senior management role within your organization.

Our leadership development programs inspire leaders to live the vision, mission, and values of your organization. We create leaders who lead by example.

Our Executive Assessment Process

Our Executive Assessment Process

Framework design and mapping
Executive assessment and analysis
Share insights with key stakeholders
Executive reporting
Providing feedback and coaching to the individual assessed

Why Use Our Executive Assessment Services?

  • A sophisticated and tailored approach using modern psychometric tools and experienced assessors for unbiased evaluations
  • Red carpet experience complemented by flawless white glove service, ensuring the best for your leadership candidates
  • Simplified, visual reports designed for data-driven decision-making
  • A global team possessing local insight, prepared to handle multinational projects
  • A commercial lens consistently applied, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of your organizational culture and business objectives

Frequently Asked Executive Assessment Questions

Why is executive assessment important?

Executive assessment provides valuable insights into the leadership abilities of both external and internal candidates.

These are the key benefits:

Assess external candidate fit
Streamline the executive hiring process by evaluating how well external candidates align with your organization.

Gain insight into motivation and drivers
Understand the factors that motivate and drive internal and external candidates, preparing them for executive-level promotions.

Identify best role fits during reorganization
Successfully navigate reorganization by identifying the most suitable roles for team members.

Recalibrate senior management post-M&A
Adjust senior management teams effectively following mergers and acquisitions.

Discover high-potential leaders
Uncover the talent that will provide long-term leadership in your organization.

Get a second opinion
Challenge leadership blind spots within your organization by getting a fresh perspective.

Develop next-generation leaders
Establish efficient processes for identifying and preparing future leaders.

Enhance talent management efficiency
Improve the effectiveness of your talent management processes for a stronger organization.

What is Stanton Chase’s executive assessment toolbox and process like?

Our comprehensive executive assessment process encompasses:

Assessment tools
Our assessment toolbox includes sophisticated psychometric tests, insightful personality assessments, thoughtful self-reflection questionnaires, cognitive ability tests, and comprehensive 360-degree feedback. The multifaceted insights these assessments offer reveal an individual's strengths, weaknesses, distinctive personality traits, and leadership style.

Executives participate in a variety of simulations that emulate real-life work scenarios. These simulations can encompass exercises such as group discussions, case studies, business simulations, role-plays, and presentations. Simulations offer insight into an executive's decision-making abilities, problem-solving skills, communication style, and strategic thinking.

In-depth interviews
Our in-depth one-on-one interviews are designed to uncover the rich tapestry of an executive's background, experiences, career aspirations, and leadership philosophy. These personalized conversations enable our skilled assessors to gather extra information and acquire a more finely tuned comprehension of the executive's proficiencies and potential.

Leadership exercises
We immerse executives in meticulously designed leadership exercises that demand them to confront unique challenges and showcase their capacity to guide and inspire others. These exercises may encompass conflict resolution scenarios or delve into the realm of strategic planning.

Multiple assessors
Our team of assessors, which includes psychologists, HR professionals, and senior executives, meticulously evaluates the performance of each executive candidate. The involvement of multiple experts guarantees a comprehensive and impartial appraisal of every individual's strengths and weaknesses, all while upholding the gold standard of professionalism you expect.

Feedback and development
Following the assessment center, detailed feedback is provided to the executives, highlighting their performance, areas of improvement, and development opportunities. This feedback helps individuals gain insights into their leadership capabilities and enables them to create personalized development plans.

Our proven Fit-for-Purpose assessment framework provides you with the confidence and data you need to make well-informed decisions, ultimately leading your organization to sustained success.

How does executive assessment differ from professional assessment?

A primary distinction between executive assessments and professional assessments lies in the evaluation's focus.

Executive assessments emphasize the assessment of leadership potential, strategic thinking, and the capacity to propel organizational success. The goal is to pinpoint individuals who embody the essential qualities to steer and mold the organization's trajectory.

Conversely, professional assessments concentrate solely on determining if a candidate possesses the appropriate skills for a specific role and aligns with the company culture. The main objective is to gauge an individual's technical aptitude and expertise in executing tasks and responsibilities pertinent to their job function.

How can executive assessment be used in talent development and succession planning?

With our advanced executive assessment services, you’ll be able to:

  • Gain insight into candidate strengths and areas for development
  • Accelerate the growth of high-potential individuals
  • Identify specific training needs for targeted development
  • Assess gaps between current mindsets, skills, and effective leadership requirements
  • Facilitate better succession planning and succession preparation
  • Enhance your pool of experienced and capable internal candidates for future leadership roles
  • Foster organizational culture change through leadership development

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