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Executive Onboarding

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Accelerating Time to Impact

Research shows that 50% to 70% of executives fail within 18 months of taking on a role, regardless of whether they were an external hire or promoted from within.1

Despite this, many companies rely heavily on their new leaders to self-manage their transitions. But your new executive deserves your support.

Provide them with the support they need through our executive onboarding. You'll benefit by:

  • Achieving results faster
  • Reducing the chances of failure
  • Building productive relationships and much more

Proper executive onboarding not only guarantees career success for your new hire but also ensures a robust return on investment for you, our valued client.

Onboarding is Much More Than an Office Tour

Consider the facts

  • Effective leadership transitions increase the chances of teams achieving their 3-year performance goals by 90%.2
  • When a leader is having a tough time with a transition, 20% of their direct reports are likely to become disengaged or leave the organization.2
  • Replacing an employee can cost three to four times their salary.3

How We Can Help

At Stanton Chase, we help our clients’ new executives make a smooth transition into their new roles during the critical first 100 days. Our approach involves an agenda-driven, time-bound program that includes:

  • Alignment with organizational culture and values
  • Defining Very Short-Term Goals (VSGs) and barriers to success
  • Preparing a non-obvious stakeholder map
  • Developing a relationship building plan
  • First 90 days performance review and targeted feedback
  • 360-degree feedback after 6-9 months
  • Ongoing support and guidance from experts with solid business acumen

Why use our executive onboarding services?

We focus on the individual, the role, and the organization. We aim to optimize this match through proven onboarding support.

Our main differentiator is that we put emphasis on the Very Short-term Goals (VSGs) while identifying the key stakeholders for those goals and crafting a plan for how to achieve them. We start with the end in mind.

Our proven onboarding acceleration enables leaders to deliver value on day one.

At Stanton Chase we have decades of experience placing talent at the board and executive levels of global organizations - thus we know what it takes to succeed in a new senior role.

Hyper-personalized experience

A proven framework delivered by expert advisors

Independent third party guarantees, no bias


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