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Board Services - Director Recruitment, Assessment, and Consulting

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Great companies deserve great boards

In the last 20 years, corporate boards have made tremendous strides. But to stay ahead in today's fast-paced business landscape, boardroom practices must continue to evolve, embracing flexibility and dynamism.

Being a board member today demands proactive leadership, personal accountability, and cutting-edge executive coaching.

Tap into the full potential of your organization's board with our specialized board services. Our leadership advisory team is dedicated to providing tailored solutions for board director and chair recruitment, board assessment, and board consulting services.

Our seasoned consultants offer strategic guidance and governance expertise, designed to elevate board performance and ensure robust leadership.

Board Search and Succession

As a leading executive search firm, our mission is to connect organizations across the globe with exceptional leadership talent for their boardrooms.

Our wide-reaching network, encompassing 45 countries, and our exclusive Search+TM executive search process enable us to pinpoint and engage world-class candidates who possess the ideal combination of skills, experience, and leadership acumen to thrive in board positions.

What sets us apart? Our knack for assessing board dynamics and aligning candidate profiles to your strategic objectives. This guarantees that the directors and chairs we help you choose bring a powerful blend of value, diversity, and effective governance to your organization.

A well-designed succession plan promotes trust among shareholders and stakeholders, so it's smart to consider board recruitment even if you're not currently replacing anyone. Plus, it allows you to secure top talent without any last-minute panic.

No matter your goals, we'll find the perfect directors to match. And as your partner in leadership, we'll support you and your new board member through the onboarding process, ensuring a seamless transition and immediate impact.

Board Search and Succession

Board Assessment

Allow us to help you uncover the full potential of your board with our comprehensive board assessment services. We'll provide valuable insights into your board's performance and effectiveness, empowering strategic optimization and better decision-making.

Our board assessment team utilizes a variety of tools, including confidential one-on-one interviews, individual director evaluations, self- and peer evaluations, and more, to develop an effective board of directors and committee evaluation process.

Our review process goes beyond merely determining whether your board, its committees, and its members have executed their required duties. Instead, we examine if your board's composition, dynamics, and structure are effective for your company.

Experience the advantages of our industry-leading board evaluation. We deliver individual, honest, and actionable feedback for your leaders.

Our corporate governance expertise will transform your board into a powerhouse of innovation and strategic direction.

Our comprehensive assessments cover the following board evaluation topics and more:

  • Board and Committee Evaluation
  • Board Dynamics and Composition
  • Company Culture, Performance, and Strategy

Board Consulting

Our consultancy serves boards of all kinds — including non-profits, corporations, government agencies, educational institutions, and more.

Our expertise covers a wide range of industries and sectors, allowing us to provide valuable insights and guidance tailored to each organization's unique needs and challenges.

We provide the following board consulting services:

  • Board Director Coaching and Mentoring
  • Director Onboarding
  • CEO Succession Planning
  • Board Director Remuneration
  • Board and Committee Guidance and Templates

Why Use Our Board Services?

Objectivity and confidentiality
300+ board member and CEO placements annually
Partnership with Nasdaq Governance Solutions
Commitment to boardroom diversity

We Are Proud Partners of Nasdaq Governance Solutions

Stanton Chase and Nasdaq Corporate Solutions International have teamed up to revolutionize board governance solutions. The fusion of Nasdaq's state-of-the-art governance solutions and Stanton Chase's executive search expertise enriches our corporate governance and board leadership services.

With a global network of over 75 Stanton Chase offices, we're equipped to deliver tailor-made services that elevate your board to new heights, no matter where you are.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What hinders board growth?

Our board assessment team has uncovered the ten most significant challenges that boards face in their development journey.

Board composition
Ensuring the right mix of skills, expertise, and diversity is crucial for success.
Board members falling behind
Keeping all members 'up to date' with the latest business developments, knowledge, and industry trends is a must.
Not knowing the rules
Knowing the rules and regulations governing boards is essential for smooth sailing.
Poor decision-making
Poor decisions can hinder progress and damage your organization’s reputation.
Risky business
Effective risk management is vital for a board's long-term stability.
Management missteps
Avoiding the misuse of management resources promotes efficiency and growth.
Compliance conundrums
Staying compliant with all relevant laws and regulations is non-negotiable.
Financial failures
Preventing financial failures not only safeguards the organization but also boosts investor confidence.
Direction disarray
Providing clear and consistent direction is key to staying on course.
Teamwork troubles
Fostering collaboration and teamwork ensures that boards operate at peak performance.
How will your stakeholders benefit from board assessment?

Board assessment benefits stakeholders in the following ways:

Shape the performance tone and culture of your organization from the top.

Role clarity
Clearly distinguish the roles of the CEO, chair, and the board for maximum efficiency.

Strengthen the board-CEO-management relationship, fostering collaboration.

Improve stakeholder relationships and governance standards.

Clarify strategic focus and corporate goals for clear direction.

Boost stakeholder relationships, board-management relationships, and board-CEO relationships.

Board operations
Establish a top-level policy framework to guide your organization effectively.

The far-reaching benefits of ongoing, robust board and executive assessment are a game-changer in today’s competitive business environment.

Stanton Chase’s board assessment team is ready to take your board to the next level.

When should you use a third party for board evaluation?

When it comes to board evaluation, sometimes an outside perspective is just what you need. That's where third-party evaluators come in, offering significant advantages in a variety of situations:

Elevating your evaluation process
Looking to enhance your board's existing evaluation process? A third-party evaluator can bring a fresh, unbiased outlook to the table. With their external expertise and experience, they'll help pinpoint areas for improvement and recommend best practices to optimize your evaluation process.
Promoting openness, honesty, and candor
Board directors may hesitate to express their opinions openly to an internal evaluator. An independent third-party evaluator creates a safe, confidential space for directors to openly discuss their thoughts, concerns, and suggestions without worrying about internal biases or consequences.
Embracing objective perspectives
Boards often need impartial viewpoints to challenge their established assumptions and practices. Independent evaluators provide fresh perspectives and introduce new issues for consideration, helping the board gain a deeper understanding of its performance and uncover areas for improvement.
Navigating board transitions
When a board is new or has undergone significant changes, directors may not be ready to conduct an effective evaluation. In these cases, a third-party evaluator can offer vital expertise and guidance, ensuring a thorough evaluation process that aligns with the board's goals and expectations.
Uncovering new insights on composition and performance
If your board has remained relatively unchanged for some time, it might be time for a fresh take on board composition and performance. An external evaluator can offer valuable insights, contributing to enhanced diversity, identification of potential skill gaps, and overall board effectiveness.

By tapping into the power of third-party board evaluation, you'll enjoy benefits like process enhancement, increased openness, objectivity, transition support, and new insights.

Ultimately, these advantages empower boards to strengthen their governance practices, identify growth opportunities, and achieve sustainable success.

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