Matt Truitt


Matt Truitt is a Recruiter at Stanton Chase Nashville. He has gained nearly four years of experience in both internal and external searches. He has conducted internal searches for a large-scale convenience store in the corporate retail industry and has also worked on executive search projects, primarily those aimed at the C-suite level.  

Matt has worked across various industries, including industrial, retail, energy, private equity, professional services, technology, and media. 

Prior to his role in executive search, Matt accumulated eight years of experience at a large chain convenience store, beginning as an Associate and eventually advancing to General Manager. As a General Manager, he was tasked with leading all aspects of store operations, including efficiency, team development and training, and handling HR issues.  

After his promotion from general management to the internal recruiting team, he directed the hiring process for 20 Georgia locations. Matt then transitioned to the role of Operations Training Supervisor, where he led the training of all store members on existing and new offerings across the state. 

Matt holds a degree in Business Administration from the University of Georgia. Outside of work, he enjoys sports, outdoor activities, spending quality time with family, and attending social events. 

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