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Stanton Chase Webinar Coaches Boards On Crisis Management

September 2020
Kevin Bradbury
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Stanton Chase Webinar Coaches Boards On Crisis Management Cover Image

If the business world has learned anything from the COVID-19 crisis, it’s that there’s no substitute for being prepared. The pandemic is the first global challenge of its kind for our modern, highly connected world and is testing the foundational elements of corporate governance and the role of boards in a crisis.

For this reason, Nasdaq Governance Solutions and Stanton Chase Board Advisory Practice have surveyed directors, CEOs, and other C-suite level executives from 269 companies across 42 countries to gain insight into corporate governance leadership and the critical role boards are — or are not — playing during this extreme period of volatility.

The recent webinar, held with PEI and titled “How Boards Must Navigate This and Future Crises,” follows up on the results of this survey and dives into the steps that boards must take now and going forward to successfully navigate this and potential future crises. Featuring key speakers Byron Loflin (Global Head of Board Engagement for Nasdaq Governance Solutions) and Stanton Chase’s Panos Manolopoulos (Global Board Services Leader), the private equity webinar points to talent, innovation, diversity, and preparedness as being key drivers of board effectiveness.

Moderated by Stanton Chase Amsterdam Partner Kevin Bradbury, the webinar discusses board strategy and board diversity, among other topics, and features an interactive Q&A with viewers who tuned in live to the broadcast on Tuesday, October 20.

The webinar takes a productive look at the pressing issues of today’s business world and the steps that boards can take now and going forward to ensure they can come out ahead and be ready for future challenges – backed up by the solid findings of the Stanton Chase / Nasdaq Boardvantage Survey.

To watch the webinar in full, click here.

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