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A new startup world has emerged. In the initial stages, there is no real organization, no real clients, and no real support functions. There is simply an idea and people trying to build on that idea.

But when progress becomes real, the idea grows, and new networks are needed to support continual growth, startups turn to Executive Search.

The worlds of startups and executive search can seem far apart. For startup companies, timetables are often extremely tight, and everything can be put on hold when the next investment is due. The number of stakeholders rises and decision-making evolves. To some traditional Executive Search firms this might present unconventional challenges. Not to Stanton Chase.

We divide our startup expertise in three different phases: In the first phase, we concentrate on building sales capability; the second phase is about forming an organization and world class support functions; the third phase is about elevating the game.

In simple terms: First you must have a team and be able to score, then you must perfect all aspects of your game, and then you are ready for the top league  .

We are proud to take part in growth of all these phases with our clients.

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