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Once regarded as “old school,” the pulp, paper, and packaging industry is now unfolding into a future of remarkable growth. 

E-commerce has wrapped this sector in opportunities, offsetting the decline of traditional paper and catalyzing demand for innovative packaging solutions. The trend du jour? Lightweight packaging that not only streamlines costs but also boosts sustainability. 

But each opportunity comes with its own set of challenges. Sustainability issues, ranging from deforestation to wastewater, are as pressing as a hot-press roller. With the industry contributing 2% to all industrial carbon emissions, the race towards eco-friendly solutions is at full speed. 

In the digital age, staying relevant is also a tricky paper chase. Pulp, paper, and packaging companies need leaders who can outsmart the trend towards a paperless world, ride the e-commerce wave, and craft strategies that can withstand the test of time. 

Despite these hurdles, this industry is on a roll. Globalization, innovative product advancements, and technological solutions are fueling its transformation. Its leading companies are redefining their strategies with international expertise, operational best practices, and forward-thinking brand strategies. 

These game-changers need leaders who can foster relevance in the digital age, capitalize on e-commerce and modernization opportunities, develop future-proof strategies, and navigate the industry’s projected growth. But these leaders must also understand ESG and sustainability to maintain their organization’s corporate reputation while steering operations towards greener pastures. 

That’s where Stanton Chase comes in. We’ve been matching the pulp, paper, and packaging industry with top executives for more than 30 years. Our global reach, local insights, and industry expertise ensure we find the ideal leader for your unique challenges and opportunities. 

Our executive search consultants are industry experts, serving as your gateway to better leadership. They offer our renowned white-glove service, while ensuring you’re always in control of the search process. Our consultants work seamlessly with our ESG and diversity functional experts to deliver exceptional services. 

We regularly recruit CEOs, COOs, CFOs, CHROs, vice presidents, board members, and other C-suite executives for pulp, paper, and packaging organizations, including: 

  • Pulp and paper mills 
  • Packaging companies 
  • Tissue paper manufacturers and specialty paper manufacturers 
  • Hygiene products manufacturers 
  • Paperboard producers 
  • Recycling companies 

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