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Stuart Glassman

Stuart Glassman

Global Subsector Leader, Engineering, Construction, and Building Materials

Baltimore, USA

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Our world is an architectural marvel, constantly under construction, shaped and redefined by the engineering, construction, and building materials industry. This sector, a testament to human innovation, continually propels international business forward. 

Globalization, however, is not without its own blueprint of challenges. Varying economic landscapes and geopolitical tussles can lay a heavy hammer on the cost of building materials, shaking the foundation of project budgets and timelines. Supply chain disruptions can also throw a wrench into the gears of construction and material availability. 

Digital transformation, harnessing the power of tools such as 3D printing, Building Information Modelling (BIM), and drones, is the new frontier in construction. The possibilities are boundless. But this surge in connected construction also presents unique challenges, particularly in the realms of data management and cybersecurity. 

Despite these changes and challenges, the resilience of the engineering, construction, and building materials industry is evident. Constantly in motion, this sector serves as the bedrock for investment and job creation. 

Engineering, construction, and building materials companies need leaders who can skillfully navigate the complex maze of digital transformation, expand their company’s reach despite economic and geopolitical obstacles, ensure cybersecurity, and harness the rising tide of new technologies. 

At Stanton Chase, we’re your trusted leadership partner. Our executive search consultants, renowned for their prowess in complex, multi-regional, and cross-border executive talent acquisition, stand ready to scour the globe to find your ideal leader. 

Armed with local knowledge and sector-specific expertise, we discern the crucial ingredients needed for a perfect match. Our considerations go beyond mere technical skills and experience to include cultural synergy. When you collaborate with us, you are in control of the search process, all while enjoying our bespoke, top-tier service. 

We regularly recruit CEOs, COOs, CFOs, CHROs, CTOs, CSOs, CDOs, vice presidents, board members, and other C-suite executives, for a broad spectrum of engineering, construction, and building materials companies, including: 

  • Civil engineering companies 
  • Heavy engineering and construction companies 
  • Industrial infrastructural companies 
  • Project management companies (PMC) 
  • Professional construction managers 
  • Building materials companies 

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