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The maritime, ports, and infrastructure sector isn’t just an ordinary ship in the fleet of international trade. It’s the flagship, guiding the convoy of goods between countries and continents. Ports, the bustling harbors of global commerce, catalyze economic development and buttress complex supply chains. 

At Stanton Chase, we see maritime, ports, and infrastructure organizations as the captains of the economy.  

In an era of digital navigation and rising regulatory tides, efficient port management is no small feat. We find industry leading executive talent that can steer through these choppy waters, ensuring a smooth sail for goods from manufacturers to consumers.  

Today’s maritime, ports, and infrastructure executives need to be as resilient as the ports and maritime vessels they command, ready to weather economic squalls and health crises like the COVID-19 pandemic. They also need to keep their eyes on the horizon, expanding capacity to meet the ever-growing demand.  

Our executive search consultants, seasoned navigators in the industry, cast a global net to reel in top talent. We find maritime, ports, and infrastructure leaders who can adapt to changing industry currents and increase your company’s market share. 

At Stanton Chase, we don’t just fill positions, we find the perfect crew. We ensure our executive recruits have the experience, skills, and the personality that aligns with your organizational culture and needs, fostering long-term engagement and commitment. 

We regularly recruit CEOs, COOs, CHROs, CFOs, CIOs, vice presidents, board members, and other C-suite executives for all functions. These range from technical, operations, legal, ship finance, accounting and reporting, insurance, re-insurance, P&I, procurement, HR, and IT for various companies, including: 

  • Ship owners, ship operators, and shipbuilding companies 
  • Ship agencies and shipping companies 
  • Ship broking/chartering services 
  • Ship management services 
  • Port operators and port technology companies 
  • Marine security companies 
  • Port infrastructure companies and maritime logistics companies 
  • Marine technology companies and marine engineering firms 
  • Marine surveying companies 
  • Dredging companies

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