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The chemicals and plastics industry is no stranger to the heat of challenges. Consumer behavior is shifting, with a predicted dip in demand for polymer and fiber products. From environmental concerns to regulatory changes, this sector remains under constant pressure or should we say, in a state of constant “reaction”. 

But remember, in chemistry, every problem has a solution. The rising demand for bio-based chemicals as an alternative to petroleum-based ones is an opportunity in the making. This trend, fueled by the need for sustainable business practices and the urgency to cut down greenhouse gas emissions, is creating new pathways for research and development.  

The chemicals sector is also under fire from escalating raw material costs, stricter environmental and regulatory standards, and threats from adjacent industries such as petroleum, biofuels, and energy. This convergence of forces has sparked a wave of merger and acquisition activity, both from natural competitors and those outside the sector.  

As a result, leadership teams in the chemicals sector are increasingly being sourced from outside the traditional company landscapes, requiring new approaches to strategy, business models, and execution. 

This doesn’t spell doom but rather, it calls for a new formula. It’s clear now more than ever that the industry needs leaders who can transform these challenges into opportunities. 

Our executive search consultants, backed by a strong global presence and industry experience, are poised to identify and secure top talent. Our aim is to enable our clients in the chemicals and plastics sector to fulfill their corporate growth initiatives, all while offering them the bespoke, white glove service that we’re known for. 

We regularly recruit CEOs, COOs, CFOs, vice presidents, board members, and other C-suite executives for companies in the chemicals and plastics industry, including:   

  • Basic chemicals manufacturers  
  • Specialty chemicals manufacturers  
  • Polymer and plastic producers  
  • Plastic resin and synthetic fiber manufacturing companies  
  • Petrochemicals companies  
  • Chemical distribution companies  
  • Biochemical companies

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