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Cream-of-the-crop agribusiness executive talent to help your business grow

The agribusiness sector is the bread and butter of our economy; it represents a $5 trillion global industry. But it’s growing more complex by the day. With technological innovation, disruption, consolidation, and vertical integration all in the mix, it’s clear the sector is no longer just about sowing and reaping.  

Between rising costs, climate change, and resource limitations, agribusiness is navigating through some tough terrain. But every cloud has a silver lining, or in this case, perhaps a golden grain. Modern advancements bring not only challenges, but also opportunities ripe for the picking.  

As we plow into the Fourth Industrial Revolution, agribusiness is sprouting new technologies that blend hardware, software, and biology, driving productivity to new heights. Amidst this innovation, though, an obstacle remains.  

There’s a global shortfall in the supply of leadership, technical, and financial talent needed to stay competitive. That’s where our team at Stanton Chase comes into play. Navigating this evolving landscape, we stay rooted in the changing industry and the talent acquisition needs that accompany it.  

Our executive search consultants have been a crucial part of the agriculture and agribusiness sector’s growth for decades. We provide access to top talent across all industries with our global reach and local market knowledge.  

We are equipped to recruit a whole cornucopia of roles, including CEOs, COOs, CTOs, CFOs, CIOs, CDOs, CSOs, vice presidents, board members, and other C-suite executives for businesses in the agribusiness sector, including:  

  • Agricultural consulting and education 
  • Agricultural equipment manufacturers  
  • Agricultural equipment leasing firms 
  • Agricultural research and development companies 
  • Agricultural service providers (e.g., crop spraying, soil testing) 
  • Agricultural waste management companies 
  • Aquaculture businesses 
  • Livestock feed production companies 
  • Pesticide, seed, and fertilizer companies 
  • Primary agricultural producers (corporate farms)

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