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Stanton Chase Belgrade’s Ninth Annual Talent Management Awards

Stanton Chase Belgrade’s Ninth Annual Talent Management Awards

January 2023


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Stanton Chase Belgrade is pleased to announce the winners of its 2022 Talent Management Awards.

For nearly 33 years, Stanton Chase has been a leader in executive search, leadership, and board advisory services. Thus, it is an honor for Stanton Chase Belgrade to be able to recognize organizations’ talent development and management efforts through its Talent Management Awards.

Stanton Chase Belgrade has presented its Talent Management Awards annually since 2014. The participants are carefully selected from a wide variety of industries based on their commitment to their employees through talent development programs, talent management initiatives, and university partnerships.

Attendees at Stanton Chase’s Ninth Annual Talent Management Awards. 

Stanton Chase Belgrade’s Talent Management Awards attracted a large number of contestants in 2022, all of whom deserved recognition for their talent development and management initiatives.

2022’s Talent Management Awards went to:

  • Karanovic & Partners (winner of 2022’s Talent Management Contest)
  • Nelt Group (winner of The Most Personalized Approach to Talent Management Award)
  • Levi9 (winner of the Most Creative Attraction of Young Talents Award)
  • Mlekara Sabac (winner of The Most Purposeful Talent Exposure in Business Projects Award)
Karanovic & Partners (left and right) and Milos Tucakovic (Managing Partner at Stanton Chase Belgrade) 
Mlekara Sabac. 
Nelt Group. 
The award winners and jury.

Stanton Chase Belgrade is honored to have had such an accomplished pool of participants taking part in its Talent Management Awards. By creating opportunities and developing talent, these companies are paving the way to a better world.

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