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Executive Search Firm in Belgrade, Serbia

Our Consultants

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Milos Tucakovic

Regional Practice Leader EMEA for Consumer Products and Services
Managing Partner

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Jasmina Stefanovic

Principal Consultant

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Marina Petrusevski


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Maja Manojlovic Andjelkovic

Principal Consultant

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Blvd. Oslobodjenja 75
11 000 Belgrade

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Phone: + 381 11 3973 676

About the office

Since its foundation in 2005, Stanton Chase Belgrade has progressed to become the first choice for Executive Search and Executive / Leadership Assessment in Serbia and the region. We are committed to conducting our services to the highest standards of ethics, fairness, and professionalism.

Our expertise comes from running numerous successful assignments on all hierarchical levels (Vice-Presidents, General Managers, Members of the Board), giving us the unique benchmark possibilities for delivering highly effective Search and Assessment service.

Being primarily focused on protecting our Clients’ interests, building and retaining their trust, we defined the Code of Conduct that is presented in our Value proposition:

•    Integrity: We behave in a fair, trustworthy and objective manner and take appropriate steps to ensure our conduct is entirely professional and free of any potential conflict of interest.

•    Customer Orientation & Counselling: We strive to always fully understand our Clients’ strategic intentions and counsel them how to achieve business goals through finding the best talents.

•    Planning, Organizing & Communicating: We excel in delivering – we have processes in place, we execute efficiently and communicate appropriately.

•    Judgment, Decision Making & Leadership: We dare to stand up for what is right and use our best judgment to assist our Clients in pursuing their leadership and talent management initiatives and objectives.

•    Flexibility & Learning Agility: We consider very seriously how our Clients perceive our actions and act upon their feedback.

•    Change Management & Innovation: We keep following the latest business trends and develop/innovate our processes, so they correspond adequately to the needs of the fast-changing market.

•    Teamwork & Personal Development: We work as a team of competent experts constantly developing our capabilities through networking and market/industry trends research.

The regions of Central Eastern Europe (CEE) and South Eastern Europe (SEE) have been amongst the most interesting growth markets worldwide over the last two decades. This development was reflected in the professional development of the executive market and in the continuous demand for talented managers. In the beginning, companies demanded expatriates. However, in the meantime, a new, highly educated and performance-oriented executive generation has established itself in the Eastern Europe region.

Stanton Chase International is a pioneer in executive search in the CEE and SEE regions and has accompanied this development since its beginning in the ’90s. Stanton Chase currently has 11 offices in the CEE and SEE regions. Some of these offices are located in traditional “regional hubs,” such as Vienna and Athens while others are situated in large regional trade centers, including Moscow and Istanbul. Still others cover main capitals, such as Belgrade, Bucharest, Budapest, Ljubljana, Prague, Sofia and Warsaw. The CEE and SEE regions are a key part of the Stanton Chase network, one of the world’s largest executive search firms with more than 70 offices around the globe, unified by common standards, commitment to excellence and client approach.

Our consultants working in the CEE and SEE regions are among the industry’s most experienced and boast many years of successful consulting practice to international and local clients in all aspects of executive search. Offices in the region cooperate closely and follow a concept of cross-border industry specialization while still maintaining local market insight. This puts Stanton Chase is in a position to deliver quick results while preserving the highest quality standards.

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The international Executive Search Company Stanton Chase, which has been operating in Belgrade for 10 years, established the Talent Management award last year. This award is assigned annually to companies from different industries which develop and implement programs for its talented employees, or are generally dedicated to talent development through various programs.