Corporate Board Search, Assessment and Development Services

Corporate Boards have achieved much over the last 20 years; nonetheless, they also recognize that boardroom practices must remain flexible and dynamic to allow their corporations to survive and thrive in rapidly changing markets. Being a Board Member today is about active leadership, personal accountability and senior executive coaching.

Strong, dedicated Board members are critical for making a positive difference to the organisations on whose boards they serve. The Global Board Services Practice at Stanton Chase is about making our clients’ Boards better as a result of our interaction, and making sure that impact lasts in our absence.

Being a Board Member today is about active leadership, personal accountability and senior executive coaching.

Overview of Board Services

1. Board
Board Search
  • Chairman Search and Appointment,
  • Non-Executive Director
  • Committee Chairman
  • SME Committee
  • Members Search
2. Board
Board Assessment
  • Proprietary Board Assessment
  • Methodology, Quantitative and Qualitative Approach,
  • Proprietary Board
  • Assessment Tools
3. Board & Director
Board & Director Development
  • Board Room Masterclass
  • Board Director Coaching and Mentoring
  • Board Director Remuneration
  • Templates for Boards and Committees

1. Board Search

In a world where CVs are available everywhere on the internet, we add value and insight to the identification of singularly viable candidates. Our work is founded on a comprehensive, disciplined approach that ensures finding suitable candidates who match above and beyond your technical requirements.

Our approach enables us to respond with a rapid and deep understanding of your needs, including hands-on service by senior consultants and partners, prospect research and identification, presentation, assessment, and placement follow-up.

2. Board Assessment

The right tools, used well, contribute toward a smooth, swift and insightful experience. Tools are matched to a Board’s maturity and experience and allow the rapid but accurate and complete identification of both a Board’s strengths and its opportunities for improvement. Using our Proprietary Board Assessment Methodology and Board Assessment Tools, we take a quantitative and qualitative approach to identifying strengths and areas for development on your Board.

Board Assesment Image

3. Board & Director Development

The ability of an organization to identify growth and potential in executive leaders is probably the only way to help both the organization and the leader to maximize their potential.

Board Assesment Cover Image

Great Companies Deserve Great Boards

Many of our senior consultants have themselves been Board members and thus bring a richness of personal experience to the corporate leadership recruiting and selection process. Thanks to this advantage, we understand Boards and are highly sensitive to the issues and pressures organizations face. We also understand the ethics, sensitivity and discretion required and recognize the drivers of success in today’s dynamic and complex global economy.

With over 70 offices in 45 countries, we have been able to observe and recognize the global influence of Board changes and thereby continue to advise clients on Board composition, development, and assessment. By sharing information within our international network, conducting research, and staying abreast of government regulations, we continually fine-tune our services to meet client needs. Stanton Chase provides Board services within many industries and for organizations of all sizes.

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