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Leadership Assessment Service

Do you need help finding the right leaders for your business?

Are your leaders as good as your vision for your business... and do they know how they can become better?

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How effective are your leaders? It's a simple, yet difficult question to answer; it is interesting to understand how organizations go about evaluating the performance effectiveness of their boards, directors, leaders, and executive teams. The answer is sometimes positive, but in most cases, despite that optimistic positivity, the response is far from accurate.

Over the past decade the leadership industry has been transforming from within. At Stanton Chase, we too have come to understand that our true strength in Executive Search is born of having a strong Executive Assessment core. Our leadership assessment service is here to help you understand just how well your leadership is performing for you.

As one of the top executive assessment firms, Stanton Chase has a global footprint, local expertise, and extensive experience across numerous industries and functions.

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We will support you in answering these questions confidently, providing you with the acumen and awareness needed to make the right leadership decisions, at the right times. Our specialists in Executive Assessment and Development are able to accommodate and understand the needs and aptitude of each individual, in order to make the most of your potential and use your leadership skills to their greatest effect.

The effectiveness of the leadership system in an organization determines the organization’s performance, especially in volatile and uncertain business environments.

Executive & Leadership Effectiveness

When assessing leaders, the objective is to be able to identify those who can lead now, as well as those who have future leadership potential. This means identifying a leadership partner who works with a robust and customizable assessment methodology, an in-depth understanding of the science of leadership and, most importantly, is recognized for their expertise on leadership matters.

As the leader among executive assessment companies, we have assessed and delivered leadership talent, delivering high impact and sustainable results in organizational growth for more than 25 years, in more than 40 countries around the world, and across the widest spectrum of industries and sectors.

The leaders we focus on...

The leaders we focus on... image

The data on leadership effectiveness speaks…

Companies with high leadership effectiveness levels outperform others in total shareholder returns and annual net income.
The top 25% had twice the annual net income (profit attributable to shareholders) compared to the lowest quartile and returned 7 times more to shareholders over a 5 year period...
Organizations with leadership engagement levels of 65% or greater outperformed the total stock market index and posted total shareholder returns that were 22% higher than average.

Strategic Organizational Change & Development

When planning a restructure of the organization, a company must consider key strategic changes that involve moving people around, elevating people to newly created leadership levels, and identifying transferable skill sets. These challenges become easier to unlock with the proper assessment partner. The alternative might be disengaged leaders that stray in search of new careers.

Succession Planning

Ensuring sustainable organizational growth is key in moving across organizational growth cycles. By identifying internal candidates that have the ability or potential to take on new and more senior roles in the future, the organization delivers impact over time. This is achieved by mapping current abilities against the future requirements of both organizational goals, as well as individual executive capabilities. Our assessments map ability and potential against current and future competencies.

Sustainable Executive Recruitment

Stanton Chase Executive Assessments provide an independent measure of a leader’s ability to deliver on the short, medium and long term strategic and operational objectives of the organization, and enhance long term tenure of hires. Regardless of the recruitment method organizations have used to identify and engage executive candidates, getting an external, professional and robust third party assessment is key to mitigating executive attrition risks.

Executive Talent Development

The ability of an organization to identify growth and potential in executive leaders is likely the only way to help both the organization and the leader to maximize their potential. The alternative is stagnation, or getting the same result, year after year. Stanton Chase Growth, Development, Potential and Derailment Reports, all part of the overall Executive Assessment Solution, provide insights on how to help leaders to operate at a higher level.

Assessing your leaders

Our Assessment Methodology

  • 1.
    Framework Design & Mapping

    Design Understanding your requirements, creating the assessment framework and mapping the desires skills and traits

  • 2.
    Executive Assessment & Analysis

    Assess Uncover ability and potential, evaluate leadership potential and analyze findings against your needs.

  • 3.
    Executive Reporting, Feedback & Planning

    Report Deliver in depth understanding of the leader’s profile, strengths and potential for development

Stanton Chase is uniquely positioned to help you make the best leadership decisions.

A deep understanding of executive talent
As a leader in worldwide executive search, we can accurately gauge your executives against the industry’s leaders, many of whom we have personally identified and placed.

A unique view on potential
Rather than judging and predicting future success based on past experience alone, we use a unique approach that takes into consideration the proven indicators of success for your company.

Executives advising executives
We approach each commitment with a thorough understanding of your individual business needs, and an ultimate goal of driving your business forward to achieve the best results.

Every company is different. And no two business challenges are the same.
At Stanton Chase we realize this, and have the requisite proficiency and understanding to tailor our client solutions in order to meet the needs of each individual or organization.

Our experience speaks for itself in terms of our understanding of executive assessment, development, and leadership, and our expertise and in-depth knowledge of the market ensures we are able to help you overcome any future challenges your business may face.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of executive assessment?
Not only can an executive team assessment ensure that you see exactly how well your leaders are performing, but it also brings other advantages to your business. These include reducing turnover, improving executive morale and enhancing how you utilize your resources. You’ll spend less time mitigating problems caused by ineffective management and more time reaping the benefits of a high-functioning C-suite.

How does executive assessment differ from professional assessment?
Professional assessments are concerned only with whether or not a candidate has the right skills for a particular position and fits into your culture. On the other hand, an executive leadership assessment goes beyond that to determine if someone has what it takes to step into a leadership role and excel in it.

Why is this important for my organization?
Without the right people at the helm, your company could experience some trouble in the future. These assessments provide you with confidence in knowing your leaders have all the right qualities and qualifications. On the other hand, they can help you pinpoint areas in which your leadership team may require some help.

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