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Scott Bretschneider

Scott Bretschneider

Global Subsector Leader Video Game

Los Angeles, USA

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Ready to level up? Find top video game executive talent to boost your business 

The video game industry is changing. And it needs top executive leadership to drive that change. 

This industry isn’t just changing its graphics—it’s revolutionizing its mechanics. With VR, AR, and cloud games reshaping the video game sphere, businesses must evolve or face ‘game over.’ You need leaders who are expert strategists and risk managers—ready to take on the challenge and keep you in the game. 

And as the industry levels up, so too does the scrutiny from regulators. You need leaders who can navigate data privacy, cybersecurity, regional laws, and age restrictions with finesse. 

The future of video games is here. Whether you’re crafting traditional games or tapping into esports or mobile gaming, we can help you find gaming executives to power up your business. 

We’ve been in the executive recruitment game since the days of Atari—that’s over 30 years of experience. We understand the video game industry’s history, and we’re equipped for its future. We know the leaders you need to clinch victory. 

Our executive search process is as unique as your favorite video game universe. We operate with complete transparency, building a relationship based on trust, respect, and understanding. We get to know your business inside and out. 

With over 70 offices worldwide, we’re ready to search every corner of the world for your ideal leader. A leader who doesn’t just have the skills, experience, and grit, but also fits your culture perfectly. 

We regularly recruit CEOs, COOs, CIOs, CTOs, vice presidents, board members, and other C-suite executives for video game companies, including: 

  • Game developers  
  • Console manufacturers 
  • Mobile game developers 
  • Online game platforms 
  • Esports companies 
  • Game accessory manufacturers 

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