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Tom Goorman

Tom Goorman

Managing Partner
Member, Governance Committee
Global Functional Leader, Marketing and Sales
Global Subsector Leader, Software

Brussels, Belgium

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Code the future of your business with top software executive leadership talent

In the high-octane world of software, it’s survival of the nimblest. Fresh players are stepping onto the stage, armed with cloud-based dreams and a bootstrap spirit, turning the industry binary on its head.

Remember the days when on-premise solution providers reigned supreme? Today, they stand on shifting sands, with cloud-based, subscription, and Software as a Service (SaaS) models challenging the status quo.

The script is flipping. We’re heading towards a landscape dominated by a leaner, meaner set of key players. Two-speed IT isn’t just a buzzword; it’s the new command line in the software industry’s code.

Chief Information Officers and solution providers are debugging this reality.

The plot thickens with the speed of innovation in developer tools. Staying ahead is crucial. Falling behind is a business risk that can lead to inefficiencies and missed opportunities.

Then there’s the quest for third-party integrations. As businesses grow dependent on multiple software systems, seamless communication is key to unlocking everything from user experience to data security.

You need top software leadership to help you navigate this industry’s unique challenges and opportunities.

Our executive search consultants are software industry experts. With a network spanning 70 global offices, we fuse international reach with local insights.

With over three decades of experience as a preeminent global retained executive search firm, we’ve helped place some of the most influential technology executives and software leaders across the industry.

We understand precisely the caliber of leadership your software company needs not only to stay afloat but to soar to new heights.

We regularly recruit CEOs, COOs, CFOs, CDOs, CIOs, CTOs, vice presidents, board members, and other C-suite executives for software organizations, including:

  • ERP/CRM software companies
  • Enterprise software companies
  • Independent software vendors (ISVs)
  • Cyber Security software companies
  • GRC software companies
  • Data analytics software companies
  • Artificial intelligence companies

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