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Dr. Oliver Ziehm

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Accelerate your progress with our technology executive search and leadership consulting services

All companies thrive on technology and innovation. The likes of artificial intelligence, the internet of things, and industry 4.0 have permanently altered the way we do business. And who’s driving this revolution? Technology companies, of course! They’re the ones pushing the boundaries of innovation and enabling modern businesses to stay ahead of the curve.  

It’s hard to overstate the importance of technology organizations to the global economy and human society as we know it. That’s why we’re so passionate about helping them succeed.  

But the technology sector is a fast-moving industry. Companies are scrambling to snap up leaders who can not only inspire their teams, but who also have the technical expertise to build on the latest innovations. Executive talent shortages are rife, and the competition is fierce.

That is why we are here — to support technology companies like yours in identifying progressive leaders, fostering their development, and achieving excellence through strengthened leadership. This empowers you to consistently drive innovation and maintain a competitive advantage.  

Whether you require assistance with executive search, succession planning, executive or board assessment, onboarding new leaders, or leadership consulting, we are here for you because we believe you deserve world-class expertise. 

Take a Byte of the Future with Our Technology Executive Recruitment and Leadership Solutions 

Technology companies need top-performing executives who can adapt to shifting customer needs, deal with technology skills shortages, and drive innovation and R&D. 

But finding the right person for the job is no easy feat, and developing technology leaders internally is equally challenging. Technology constantly evolves, requiring executives to stay current with the latest trends and tools to make effective decisions. This necessitates a degree of adaptability and flexibility that not all individuals possess. 

Technology executives also need a mix of technical, managerial, and communication skills to lead teams, coordinate projects, and communicate with stakeholders. Finding and developing candidates with all of these skills can be tough.   

And many talented technology professionals are attracted to the fast-paced, innovative culture of startups, making it harder for established companies to attract and retain top talent.  

Add to that the need to address emerging threats such as cyberattacks, adopt a more data-driven approach, and capitalize on artificial intelligence and machine learning. It’s clear that ordinary leaders won’t suffice; you need technology executive superheroes.  

What Makes Our Technology Executive Search and Leadership Solutions Different? 

Our team of technology executive search and leadership consultants are seasoned professionals with the expertise and discernment needed to support organizations in fulfilling their senior leadership goals. We’re recognized for our ability to identify and develop top talent that adds immediate value to businesses.  

Drawing from extensive personal experience, our consultants have honed their skills through both client search engagements and prior operational roles within technology organizations. This unique blend of expertise enables them to provide unparalleled service.  

We take pride in our diverse and open-minded approach to executive recruitment and leadership consulting. We understand that the technology industry has historically been dominated by certain demographics, which can limit the pool of qualified candidates and perpetuate a homogenous culture. Our approach increases diversity and inclusion and can expand your potential talent pool.  

We only take on a select number of projects. This ensures our representative clients receive unparalleled dedication and seamless market access. Our primary focus on senior-level assignments within the technology sector enables us to act as reliable advisors for even the most discerning clients.  

We understand the highly dynamic nature of the technology sector. That’s why we’re committed to speedy, efficient executive searches and leadership assignments — because your time matters.  

No matter the size or corporate culture of your company, our team is equipped to deliver exceptional candidates and leadership advisory to meet your executive search and leadership needs. 

Upgrade Your Business with Our Circuit-Breaking Technology Leadership Solutions 

We’re an experienced executive search firm for technology companies, providing premier executive recruitment services for the technology industry. Our proven track record in executive search for technology firms makes us an industry-leading executive search partner for technology businesses.  

Whether you’re after a CEO, COO, CFO, CIO, or any other C-suite executive, board member, vice president, or senior leader, we’ve got you covered. Our mission is to help revolutionize your company and make it just as innovative and adaptive as your products and services are. 


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