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Jan-Bart Smits

Jan-Bart Smits

Managing Partner
Global Subsector Leader Semi-conductors

Amsterdam, The Netherlands

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Charge up your business with top semiconductor leadership talent

The semiconductor industry is more than a hotbed of innovation—it’s a complex, ever-evolving ecosystem. And at Stanton Chase, we understand the importance of having the right leadership to navigate its dynamic terrain.

In the world of semiconductors, there are two key players: equipment and chip manufacturers. Both are riding the wave of IoT and personal device boom, constantly adapting to the rhythm of rapid technological advancements. And with the dawning of quantum computing and artificial intelligence, the beat is only getting faster.

Equipment manufacturers, though thriving, face a tough crowd. In an arena where market leadership is won by innovative leaps, staying ahead is more than a challenge—it’s a relentless pursuit.

Chip manufacturers, meanwhile, are caught in a costly paradox. High investment in equipment for low-cost output creates a challenging environment for survival and growth. And as this industry becomes ever more competitive, filling the talent void, especially in senior roles, becomes critical.

But the challenges don’t stop at talent. The industry is in dire need of cultural overhaul. From diversity and inclusion to maintaining work-life balance, the industry calls for leaders who don’t just fit the mold—they break it.

Yet, amidst these challenges, opportunities abound. Modern technologies are driving the demand for advanced, efficient semiconductors, illuminating the path for growth and development.

At Stanton Chase, we believe in making connections that matter. We’re not just in the business of filling roles—we’re in the business of finding leaders who can not only navigate the complexities of the market but also drive change, manage costs, foster a vibrant workplace culture, and stay ahead of emerging technologies.

Our expertise spans across various segments in the semiconductor industry, including:

  • Chip manufacturers
  • Fabless chip companies
  • Chip equipment manufacturers
  • Semiconductor device manufacturers

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