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Valentina Skocheva

Valentina Skocheva

Associate Consultant

“My tactful nature, drive for excellence, and exceptional attention to detail enable me to deliver high-quality work. I am sensitive to my clients’ needs and can be relied upon consistently. That’s what sets me apart.”

Meet Valentina, an Associate Consultant at Stanton Chase Sofia.

A Motivated, Adaptable, and Insightful Leadership Expert

Before joining Stanton Chase, Valentina spent almost four years working in a non-financial institution as a Technical Assistant, specializing in dealings with foreign companies. During her time there, she acquired valuable practical experience in both administrative and financial functions.

Valentina also has experience in the medical and wellness field. She spent several years working in medical centers, where she gained valuable insights into the healthcare sector.

When asked what her favorite part of her job is, Valentina says, “My job is an everyday journey that takes me to completely different places, allowing me to explore new and exciting locations. Every project is like stepping into a whole different world where I get to truly understand the unique needs of clients and candidates, provide effective solutions, and maintain strong relationships. This experience is really inspiring and motivating, constantly pushing me to broaden my horizons and stay up to date.”

Valentina’s Recent Success Stories

  • Valentina recently placed a People and Culture Manager at an international consumer products company.
  • Over the past few years, Valentina has cultivated a vast amount of expertise in the Consumer Products and Services sector and the Life Sciences and Healthcare sector.
  • Valentina has a proven track record in Sales and Marketing, Human Resources, and Health and Safety executive search.

An Avid Reader, Travel Lover, and Runner

Valentina holds a Master’s degree in Kinesitherapy from NSA “Vasil Levski” in Sofia. She is also a certified Hogan Assessment consultant and qualified in conducting competency-based interviews.

Traveling, running, and reading are not just mere hobbies for her. They are the fuel that sparks her passion and inspires her day.


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Valentina serves clients in the following offices:

Sofia, Bulgaria

81B Bulgaria Blvd. Floor 6 1404 Sofia

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Phone: +359 2 962 2931

Email: [email protected]