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Peter Deragon

Peter Deragon

Managing Director
Global Functional Leader, Supply Chain
Global Subsector Leader, Capital Markets and Investment Banking

Los Angeles, USA

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Find top supply chain leadership talent and stock up on success

Supply chain pressure is real. Is your leadership team ready to handle It? 

We understand the importance of leaders who can lead no matter the circumstances. Regardless of how much we lean on data and analytics, business remains unpredictable. Those in the C-suite must be ready for whatever might come their way.  

With organizations investing heavily in their supply chains, the need for knowledgeable, strategic supply chain leaders is critical. Successful supply chain leaders are agile, innovative collaborators with cross-functional experience in technology, product development, and automation. 

But ironically, world-class supply chain managers are in short supply themselves. 

At Stanton Chase we help organizations fill their supply chain and logistics leadership roles with the potential they need to navigate through whatever highs and lows the future has in store.  

We have a proven track record in placing Chief Operating Officers and Chief Supply Chain Officers across numerous industries and geographies.  

Our clients benefit from the in-depth industry expertise amongst our global network of partners and consultants, many of whom have had successful executive careers within the various sectors of the logistics and transportation industry.  

Bridging the Skill Gaps in Supply Chain  

As the supply chain landscape continues to rapidly evolve, the role of the supply chain leader has become even more crucial to the success of organizations.  

COOs and CSCOs are leveraging technology to boost operational efficiency, resulting in reduced costs, improved customer experiences, and the ability to shift to net-zero. But the continuous advancement in technologies will make traditional supply chain knowledge insufficient in the future.  

The key soft skills to focus on in supply chain leadership are communication, collaboration, and change management. Our trusted advisors at Stanton Chase can identify, attract, and develop exceptional leaders who possess these critical qualities.  

With our extensive network and deep understanding of the supply chain landscape, we connect organizations with visionary executives who can navigate complexities, drive innovation, and inspire teams.  

Let us help you secure transformative supply chain leaders who will propel your organization towards sustained growth and success.  

Stanton Chase’s supply chain recruiters work with companies around the globe to recruit: 

  • Chief Supply Chain Officers 
  • Plant Managers 
  • Logistics Managers 
  • Supply and Demand Managers 
  • Procurement Managers 

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