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Tom Goorman

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Leadership talent for customer-centric organizations

In the era of rapid digitization and global competition, marketing and sales are crucial for successful businesses across all industries and geographic locations.  

Customer-centric leaders are in high demand as companies strive to deepen customer engagement and increase brand loyalty. Marketing and sales executives now hold the keys to harnessing technology and revolutionizing every aspect of the business model and customer journey. 

At Stanton Chase, we stay ahead of the curve, mastering the latest trends, technologies, and best practices. Our executive recruitment process is fine-tuned to find the perfect match for your business, whether you’re seeking a Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) or a VP of Sales. 

With clients all around the world, we help attract and develop top marketing and sales executives who can propel their businesses into the future. As experts in leadership consulting and leadership talent acquisition, we’re committed to driving growth, revenue, and brand loyalty for our clients by deepening customer engagement and strengthening relationships. 

Marketing Executive Recruitment and Assessment 

Today’s marketing executives face a rapidly changing landscape, adapting to new technologies, customer preferences, and regulations. They must make data-driven decisions and showcase creativity and innovation. The CMO is under pressure to demonstrate their essential role in a company’s growth. 

Our global team of marketing recruiters includes former C-suite marketing executives. They bring profound hands-on knowledge to their task, blending both corporate experience and their retained search appointment successes.  

We understand that today’s marketing leaders must be well-versed in the latest technology, such as artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), and automation. They need to implement these technologies to improve revenue growth, user engagement, and experience.  

Our marketing executive search services focus on finding innovative top marketing talent that can easily collaborate with functions like the CTO and CISO to stay competitive. 

Sales Executive Recruitment and Development

The sales recruitment specialists at Stanton Chase excel at finding exceptional sales hires that fuel growth and enhance customer relations. With a global reach that transcends borders and boundaries, we’re dedicated to connecting with top sales leadership talent in every relevant market. 

Our team of executive sales recruiters has access to industry leaders and seasoned professionals, even those not actively seeking new positions. This deep industry expertise allows us to deliver high-caliber candidates with the specific experience your business needs. 

We go beyond assessing past achievements and experience, uncovering future leadership potential and ensuring organizational compatibility. Our goal is to identify sales management talent that will make a lasting impact on your organization. 

Partner with Stanton Chase for Top Sales and Marketing Leaders 

We know that a strong resume isn’t enough. We delve deeper, seeking personal qualities and skills that signal success beyond qualifications and experience. That’s why we developed Search+™. 

Stanton Chase’s Search+™ revolutionizes the executive search process by offering a personalized, partner-led approach. It ensures reduced bias, objectivity, and transparency throughout the process. By leveraging global connections, Search+™ finds transformational marketing and sales leaders tailored to your business needs. 

With our cutting-edge Search+™ process, we incorporate the latest industry insights, trends, and methods to connect with the most qualified candidates in the marketing and sales executive search landscape. We will bring you the best-fit marketing and sales leaders to propel your business forward 

As a leading marketing and sales executive search firm, we focus specifically on leadership roles, including: 

  • Chief Marketing Officer 
  • Chief Communication Officer 
  • Chief Commercial Officer 
  • Chief Revenue Officer 
  • Chief Growth Officer 
  • Digital marketing 
  • E-commerce 
  • Direct-to-consumer 


Our team of trusted advisors conducts over 500 searches annually, making us the go-to choice for top marketing and sales talent acquisition. Our vast global candidate resources attract multi-national corporations seeking to fill crucial executive leadership roles. 

Our expertise spans a wide array of business sectors, including consumer, media and advertising, luxury goods, technology, non-profit, education, financial services, life sciences, and more. We take pride in successfully completing executive search engagements in areas like B2B marketing, demand generation, and SaaS marketing and sales leadership roles. 

As a leading executive search and leadership consulting firm, we help our clients: 

  • Identify and attract marketing and sales leaders with hard-to-find skills 
  • Deliver a more diverse candidate slate to drive performance 
  • Build a growth mindset culture 

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