Darina Peneva

Managing Director
Regional Leader Human Resources, EMEA

“I feel lucky and privileged to channel all my passion and drive into assisting organizations in attracting world-class leaders, as well as in aiding individuals to recognize and realize their full potential within the right organization and culture.”

Meet Darina, Managing Director at Stanton Chase Sofia and Regional Leader for Human Resources in EMEA.

A Leadership Expert, Change-Maker, and Go-Getter

Darina lives by the motto: “Strive for excellence, exceed expectations, aim to succeed, and never give up!”

Before joining Stanton Chase Sofia, Darina worked with respected international firms in recruitment and selection, talent evaluation, team development, and training.

She offers her clients in-depth expertise in executive search and leadership development. Her primary motivators are knowledge-sharing with her colleagues and consistently finding solutions, even for the most challenging searches.

Darina built Stanton Chase Sofia from the ground up, helped establish the brand and local team, serves as the HR Regional Leader for EMEA, and provides Hogan Assessment certification training to Stanton Chase colleagues.

Darina’s Recent Success Stories

  • Darina recently placed a Head of Retail at a textile and recycling company known for its substantial commitment to sustainability and strong ESG values.
  • Over the past few years, Darina has assisted several growing IT companies in identifying key leaders for their organizations, filling roles such as General Manager, VP of Engineering, and HR Director, among others.
  • Darina has helped many leadership teams to gain a deeper understanding of their team dynamics, motivational drivers, shared values, and potential risks.

A Globetrotter Committed to Youth Empowerment

Outside of work, Darina hits the tennis courts in the summer and the ski slopes in the winter. She’s passionate about travel and enjoys exploring new places around the world. She also values quality time with family and friends and dedicates herself to serving her community.

Darina attends various events and conferences, where she offers guidance to younger generations on career development, illustrating how inner drive and personal values contribute to professional success and job satisfaction.


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