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Daniel Casteel

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Nashville, USA

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A CEO who is both a visionary and a doer can transform a business. Let us help you find them

If you’re struggling to accelerate growth, navigate new markets, or require a fresh perspective, a strong Chief Executive Officer can make a significant impact. You need an executive search partner. 

At Stanton Chase, we’re passionate about helping you find the perfect leader to take your organization to the next level.  

A Different Approach to CEO Recruitment 

Whether you need to revamp your C-suite with a fresh and dynamic CEO, engage in succession planning for an incumbent CEO’s retirement, or conduct a confidential search, we’ll find the ideal CEO for your organization. 

We go beyond seeking average corporate leaders. We find exceptional game-changers with an innovative edge. 

Our search focuses on finding CEO candidates with passion, drive, and ambition — those with a proven track record of success.  

But we don’t stop there. We prioritize empathy, a commitment to sustainability, and a deep understanding of the value of diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI). We find leaders who create workplaces where employees genuinely want to be. 

With three decades of experience, we know that a strong resume isn’t enough. We delve deeper, seeking personal qualities and skills that signal success beyond qualifications and experience. That’s why we developed Search+™. 

Stanton Chase’s Search+™ revolutionizes the executive search process by offering a personalized, partner-led approach. It ensures reduced bias, objectivity, and transparency throughout the process. By leveraging global connections, Search+™ finds transformational leaders tailored to your business needs.  

CEO Search Solutions Built on Authentic Collaboration and Enduring Partnership 

We prioritize close, effective, and long-lasting partnerships with our clients, with over 70% of our search activity coming from existing clients. Our offices are managed by business leaders with deep roots and local insights into their communities. 

With consultants in 45 countries, our global team works collaboratively to find the best CEO for your organization. Using robust assessment tools, we evaluate internal and external candidates to identify top talent for your CEO position. 

Our executive search consultants partner with you to define your search requirements, your selection goals, and your envisioned transition processes.  

By understanding your strategy and culture, we identify “fit-for-purpose” CEOs who can tackle your specific strategic needs and challenges. 

We believe that finding the perfect CEO is just the beginning. We stay involved in the onboarding and transition process to ensure the seamless integration of your new leader into your executive team.  

We know that CEO turnover is costly, which is why we prioritize retention and building long-term partnerships that lead to success. 

Tailored CEO Executive Search Services with Global Reach and Local Insight 

In today’s challenging business environment, companies seek CEOs with strategic strengths, multicultural sensitivity, charisma to motivate employees, and confidence to support and collaborate with board members.  

We act both locally and globally, developing and recruiting top talent from every corner of the market. Our CEO search services span a wide range of industries, including life sciences, technology, government, education, industrial, and more.  

Our expert recruiting team and leadership consultants will partner closely with your organization to ensure a comprehensive understanding of your business. 

With a team of specialized leadership consultants from around the world, we have the insights, ability, and expertise to locate the best CEO for your business in any industry and in any location. 

CEO Recruitment of the Highest Standards 

As a member of the Association of Executive Search and Leadership Consultants (AESC), we adhere to an international Code of Ethics and Professional Practice Guidelines.  

Stanton Chase is poised to serve the growing demand for global leadership in our ever-changing world. 

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