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Stanton Chase Strengthens Industrial Sector Leadership with Two New Appointments

Stanton Chase Strengthens Industrial Sector Leadership with Two New Appointments

May 2024


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Rich Kolpasky and Stuart Glassman are no strangers to the industrial sector. 

With decades of experience under their belts, they’ve seen the industry evolve and change in countless ways over the years. Now, as they take on new leadership roles at Stanton Chase, they’re bringing that knowledge and expertise to bear for the firm’s industrial clients.

Rich Kolpasky, a Detroit native with a passion for all things automotive, is stepping into the role of Global Subsector Leader for Automotive at Stanton Chase. His early experience as President of two leading Tier I automotive suppliers gives him a unique perspective. It’s a position that seems tailor-made for him, given his knowledge of the industry and his proven track record of success. But what really sets Rich apart is his ability to connect with people on a personal level. He’s not just a leader—he’s a mentor, a coach, and a friend.

Stuart Glassman, meanwhile, is taking on dual roles; his new role as Regional Leader for the Industrial Sector in North America and his existing role as Global Subsector Leader for Engineering, Construction, and Building Materials. It’s a big job, but if anyone is up to the challenge, it’s Stuart. With his business savvy, knowledge of the industrial marketplace, and his gift for building relationships, he’s the kind of leader who can bring people together and get things done.

Together, Rich and Stuart are a force to be reckoned with. They bring a level of expertise and experience that is often unmatched in the executive search and leadership consulting industry, but they also bring a sense of humanity and compassion that is all too rare in the business world. They understand that behind every project, every deal, every decision, there are real people with real hopes and dreams. And they never lose sight of that, even as they’re driving their clients to new heights of success.

If you’re looking to tap into the kind of knowledge and expertise that Rich and Stuart bring to the table, Stanton Chase is here to help. Whether you’re looking to find better leaders, assess and develop the leaders you have, plan for succession, build a stronger board of directors, onboard your next executive, or get the leadership consulting you need to take your business to the next level, our team of consultants is ready to partner with you every step of the way. Click here to reach out.

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