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Koenraad Goris Appointed as Global Advisory Leader for Assessment and Succession Planning

Koenraad Goris Appointed as Global Advisory Leader for Assessment and Succession Planning

March 2023


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Succession planning and leader assessment are crucial elements for the success of any business.

Neglecting to plan for leadership transitions and assess existing and potential leaders can result in significant financial and operational difficulties. The cost of replacing a failed executive can be up to 10 times their salary, and companies that have to terminate a CEO can lose millions (or even billions) of dollars in shareholder value. Therefore, it is imperative that companies invest in succession planning and leader assessment to secure their future.

At Stanton Chase, we are committed to helping our clients create sustainable businesses that grow and thrive. As your partner in leadership, we offer comprehensive services to prepare your leadership pipeline, assess your current and future leaders, and develop your existing leadership team. Consequently, we are pleased to announce the appointment of Koenraad Goris as our new Global Advisory Leader for Assessment and Succession Planning.

With Koenraad’s appointment, we are further strengthening our leadership advisory offering to our clients. Koenraad is a certified psychologist specializing in talent management and leadership, with extensive experience in international assessments and development center projects. His expertise in identifying leadership potential and addressing leadership problems is unparalleled. Koenraad’s past roles, including Director of People & Organization at PwC and Partner at Cubiks (a global assessment tools provider now operating as Talogy), have given him a deep understanding of business and leadership.

Koenraad’s educational background includes two master’s degrees, postgraduate qualifications in HRM and corporate governance from UAMS, and coaching training from Pa Consulting. His entrepreneurial spirit, innovativeness, and commitment to excellence align with Stanton Chase’s core values. With Koenraad on board, we are confident that Stanton Chase will continue to play a crucial role in ensuring countless organizations’ growth and success through succession planning and leader assessment.

“My predecessor, Bernardita Mena, did a great job aligning the global leadership services already offered by Stanton Chase. I am deeply honored to take over from her and accept the role of Global Advisory Leader for Assessment and Succession Planning. Our goal is to bundle and multiply our in-house expertise, as Stanton Chase offers more than just executive search services. We also provide leadership advice such as Executive Assessments and Succession Planning, including bespoke Leadership Development Programs. As a seasoned assessor and designer of leadership development programs for clients around the globe, I am looking forward to discussing the leadership challenges our clients are facing and offering best practice solutions with a high level of customer service, as our clients have come to expect from Stanton Chase.” —Koenraad Goris, Global Advisory Leader Assessment and Succession Planning.

Koenraad Goris, Global Advisory Leader Assessment and Succession Planning

“Koenraad’s impressive credentials and extensive experience in leadership consulting and executive search make him the perfect fit for this crucial role. We are confident that his deep understanding of human psychology, combined with his corporate and entrepreneurial acumen, will bring new insights to our department and deliver exceptional results for our customers. It has also been an honor to have Bernardita Mena at the helm of our leader assessment and succession planning services. We wish her all the best in her new role as Stanton Chase’s Global Vice Chair, Business Excellence.” —Tom Christensen, Global Vice Chair, Practice Groups.

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