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CEO and C-Suite Succession Planning


Do you need help finding the right leaders for your business?

Do you have a plan for finding your next CEO?

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Preparing the Leaders of Tomorrow

CEO succession planning is the board's greatest opportunity to influence the organization's performance and future direction. That is why forward-thinking boards invest intentionally in developing future leaders and stay ahead of key talent decisions.

As CEO tenures shrink and turnover rates increase, boards are devoting more attention to maintaining a robust internal leadership pipeline. Pipelines should be flexible enough to match candidates to the current and future needs of the organization.

Mastering succession planning is essential, but far from simple. It demands effort, dedicated time, and a thoughtful approach.

Do you have a plan in place for identifying and developing your next CEO or C- suite executive? Do you struggle to align succession with the strategic needs of the organization?

We can help you in fulfilling this responsibility effectively.

Succession planning is vital for a company's continuity and sustainability.

How can we help

Building a talent pipeline takes time and expertise. Our succession planning consultants can help with C-suite succession management whether departure-defined or as part of a strategic leadership development plan. We help you answer the question: "Who has the potential to be the leader we need?"

Our Succession Planning Process

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Identifying Critical Roles
Identifying Critical Roles

This step is designed to help us understand your organizational strategy. We will determine which positions are the most vulnerable and critical and then prioritize your succession planning efforts. Together, we will build an internal communication strategy for this project.

Building Success Profiles
Building Success Profiles

We will work with your organizational leaders to determine what talent is needed in each critical role, both now and in the future. We develop ideal candidate profiles by considering the required skills, personality characteristics, and potential future requirements for the success of the role.

Succession Bench Assessment & Identifying Gaps
Succession Bench Assessment & Identifying Gaps

Stanton Chase uses the 3As talent potential framework (Ability, Aspiration, Agility) to identify critical talent capabilities and determine the strength of your succession bench. We provide robust and multifaceted insights on talent potential, not only current performance. The reports incorporate:

  • Skills gaps
  • Personality and leadership skills
  • Explored motivation and aspirations
  • Contribution and impact in the organization
  • Culture and role relevant findings
  • Readiness


We review your company’s assessment results, noting strengths and development opportunities. We conduct individual feed-forward sessions with participants in order to create their development plans. We serve as your advisor on how to reinvigorate the professional journey of the successor nominees and help them become more impactful leaders. Our approach will help your leadership pipeline evolve on a personal level and discover exciting new directions.


We conduct a client workshop to report and summarize the outcome of the succession bench’s assessment. We discuss and analyze the leadership pipeline and development plans. We help you plan your next steps.

Our Succession Planning Methodology

We use our unique Fit-for-Purpose assessment framework to identify and evaluate the strongest candidates from within the company and determine their capabilities, readiness, and potential. All candidates, internal and external, are matched against the Success Leader Profile by focusing on these 3 As:


The extent to which an employee proactively desires and pursues career growth opportunities with increased complexity, responsibilities, and decision-making to support their career ambitions of working at a more senior level.


A combination of knowledge, experience, and learned skills (both technical and functional) combined with cognitive capability and emotional intelligence.


The extent to which an employee displays high levels of change resilience and adapts with speed to changing conditions or unexpected challenges amidst increased ambiguity and uncertainty

Why Stanton Chase?

  • We measure talent potential, not only current performance
  • We are a data-driven consultancy. We explore data that is above and beyond your ordinary reach
  • Our clients see an increase in employees’ engagement and retention after partnering with us
  • Our team has proven organizational behavior expertise
  • We’ve conducted more than 200 CEO search and board assessment assignments in the past year alone
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