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How Executive Search Firms Help NGOs Help Others

June 2021
Jan-Bart Smits
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How Executive Search Firms Help NGOs Help Others Cover Image

Finding the right leaders who can strategically adapt in a crisis

Most of the corporate business world has in one way or another managed to establish new grounds through their innovation strategies and resilience to adapt to the new normal. According to the 2020 “Global Competitiveness Report: How Countries are Performing on the Road to Recovery,” we are “highly dependent both on the evolution of the pandemic and on the effectiveness of the recovery strategies of governments.” However, where does that leave nongovernmental organizations?

While NGOs are designed to help people in need, it is the NGOs themselves that are going through a crisis and need help to further support communities.

Donors who have previously supported NGOs must now prioritize their donations and address their funds accordingly in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, as there are many other companies and organizations in need of re-establishment and help covering the enormous costs of the crisis. NGOs’ existence remains at risk as they struggle to adapt their fundraising strategies. This, however, presents itself as an opportunity for them to improve their management and financial frameworks. 

“Just like corporate businesses, NGOs can prepare for the next crisis and be better prepared for the future.”

Just like corporate businesses, NGOs can prepare for the next crisis and be better prepared for the future. Possible steps of transformation could mean increasing incentives to direct financial resources toward long-term investments, strengthen stability and diversity, and expand inclusion to boost creativity for future problem-solving.

Stanton Chase steps in to help NGOs thrive

How can executive search firms help in times of crisis? Stanton Chase Amsterdam executed a pro-bono search for War Child Holland by placing its new CEO and is currently involved with several other searches for nonprofit organizations, such as the Mastercard Foundation. Furthermore, we help by planting trees for every successful placement.

By finding the right leaders who can implement strategic adaptations, NGOs would improve their resilience in these uncertain times and provide a more secure future for us all. Having said this, many NGOs fully rely on donations from either private individuals or businesses. In economic hardship, these are the expenditures that are cut. Supporting NGOs by doing the occasional pro-bono search – especially for relatively small NGOs – makes a huge difference.

Our leadership at Stanton Chase makes the difference – and we kindly ask all readers of this to support the local NGO that is closest to your heart.

About the Authors:

Jan-Bart Smits is the International Chair of Stanton Chase and Managing Partner of the Amsterdam office.

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