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Jeff Perkins

Jeff Perkins

Managing Director
Global Sector Leader, Social Impact

Washington, D.C., USA

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In an increasingly competitive landscape where donor preferences are constantly changing, securing and retaining donors has become a significant hurdle. At the heart of your nonprofit’s success lies the need for effective leaders. Leaders who can build strong, lasting relationships with donors to guarantee your funding stays as solid as a rock. 

The importance of steady funding can’t be overstated. Economic uncertainties, such as labor shortages and inflation, are directly affecting fundraising initiatives and operational costs. Despite these challenges, the demand for services provided by nonprofits continues to rise, adding to the strain on resources. 

Many nonprofits are also wrestling with high employee turnover rates and a shortage of skilled talent. This is especially true when it comes to leadership. Managing a nonprofit can be tough. That’s why top nonprofit leaders are unique, and understandably, hard to find. 

Since 1990, we’ve been helping leading nonprofits find leaders who can elevate them to new heights and extend their services to broader audiences. We’ve successfully guided nonprofits in over 40 countries to achieve their goals through stronger leadership. 

Our search process is entirely bespoke. We start by understanding your nonprofit organization from the ground up—we dive deep into your company culture, goals, challenges, and opportunities.  

We carefully evaluate our selected candidates, assessing everything from their skills to their future aspirations and alignment with your organization’s culture. This ensures that you get a leader who is capable, ambitious, and committed. 

Our support doesn’t end with the search. We continue to offer our expertise to ensure that your new leader integrates well into your organization. 

We regularly recruit CEOs, COOs, CFOs, CHROs, CIOs, CSOs, CTOs, CDOs, board members, vice presidents, and other C-suite executives for organizations in the nonprofit sector, including: 

  • Charitable, educational, and scientific nonprofit organizations 
  • Small, mid-size, and large family foundations 
  • Social welfare and community groups 
  • Animal and children’s welfare organizations 
  • Business leagues and professional associations 
  • Nonprofit veterans and hospital service organizations 

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