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Gavin McCartney

Gavin McCartney

Global Subsector Leader, Health and Med Tech

London, United Kingdom

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Health and Med Tech Executive Search

The health and medical technology sector is one of the most dynamic in the world. Having the right leadership in place to help steer your company through the complexities of product development, clinical and regulatory evaluation, market navigation, and ever-shifting clinical, patient, and consumer needs is critical to achieving your company’s ambitions.

As technology continues to drive innovation, a complex array of dynamics including changing healthcare habits, advancing diagnostics, powerful interpretation of data, ground-breaking software and digital applications, transition to homecare and patient monitoring/connectivity, and evolving care pathways amongst others, are breaking down traditional thinking and strategies.

Disruption in the system has never been so acute. The blurring of boundaries between different areas of healthcare continues without interference, demanding ever more horsepower from your executive team. We understand the crossovers between technology and healthcare and have the breadth and ability to access out-of-industry executives. The shift from patient to consumer in many sectors is rapidly accelerating, and delivering personalized, patient-centered healthcare solutions will ultimately be the key to success.

This is why our clients choose to partner with Stanton Chase. As your health and medical technology executive search partner, you can depend on us to locate and on-board highly motivated and talented individuals who can provide the leadership, agility, and impact you require.

We are Experts in the Rise of Health and Medical Technology

Stanton Chase’s unparalleled approach to executive search elevates us above other executive search firms. We are your hands-on search partner. Our collaborative approach and boutique style blends with local insights and our global perspective.

We boast a global network of consultants who are highly connected, have the agility to adapt to your specific mandate, and can navigate executive-level searches at local, regional, and global level. We advise on leadership issues and help build executive teams for healthcare organisations poised for growth and success, from start-up enterprises to established corporations.

Typical appointments managed by the global health and medical technology team include:

  • Executive (C-Suite/VP/Director)
  • Head of Function
  • Sales/Business Development
  • Marketing
  • Digital/Software
  • HR
  • Finance
  • Medical
  • Regulatory
  • Quality
  • R&D
  • Operations

Stanton Chase’s unwavering dedication to its clients does not stop at executive onboarding. Our dedicated health and medical technology team partners with you and your new leader long after the search ends to ensure continued excellence.


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