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Peter Deragon

Peter Deragon

Managing Director
Global Functional Leader, Supply Chain
Global Subsector Leader, Capital Markets and Investment Banking

Los Angeles, USA

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Unlock your portfolio’s full potential with our capital markets and investment banking leadership solutions

The capital markets and investment banking sector currently grapples with a multitude of challenges, from geopolitical instabilities to shifting global economic policies. Emerging financial regulations add another layer of complexity. 

Banks are also becoming increasingly reliant on cloud solutions tailored to their industry. This shift is poised to streamline operations and create efficient workflows, potentially redefining traditional banking models. But it also presents the challenge of further digital transformation. 

On top of that, investment banks are exploring more innovative financing options, utilizing novel financial instruments and strategies for capital raising. Market democratization is becoming the norm as well. This trend could intensify competition but also enhance inclusivity and diversity in the industry. 

In such a demanding environment, outstanding leadership is paramount. That is where Stanton Chase comes in. 

We are committed to helping you identify, recruit, and retain executives who possess strong intellect and discipline but also intangible skills such as relationship building. Executives who communicate complex financial information effectively and interpret complex financial data to make informed decisions and provide strategic advice.   

These are not just any leaders. They are leaders capable of steering your company towards unprecedented success. 

By partnering with Stanton Chase, you gain access to our global network spread across more than 70 offices in over 45 countries. You also benefit from our local market insights, which aid in identifying the right person for specific markets.  

Our executive search and leadership consulting process is tailored to your needs. You maintain control throughout the process and receive VIP treatment through our white-glove service. 

Our consultants strive to understand you, your stakeholders, and your business deeply. This approach helps us assist you in achieving superior leadership, keeping your goals, needs, and challenges at the forefront. 

We regularly recruit CEOs, COOs, CFOs, CHROs, CTOs, CSOs, CIOs, board members, vice presidents, and other C-level executives for various subsectors in the capital markets and investment banking sector, including: 

  • Bulge bracket investment banks  
  • Middle market investment banks  
  • Elite investment boutiques 
  • Independent investment advisors 
  • Industry coverage groups 
  • Financial institutions groups (FIGs) 
  • Brokerages

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