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Hector Postantzis Samaras

Hector Postantzis Samaras

Senior Consultant

Hector P. Samaras is a Senior Consultant at Stanton Chase Athens. His responsibilities focus on the research process for executive positions both on the local and international market, and his sectorial expertise spans a variety of industries, including energy, shipping/maritime, and technology. He is a member of the Industrial, Executive Assessment, Technology, and Supply Chain, Logistics & Transportation practice groups.

In addition to his executive search specialization, Hector is heavily involved in leadership assessment projects, where his academic background in psychology and human resource management and his experience in behavioral assessment are critical contributions.

Prior to joining Stanton Chase, Hector held positions in human resources as a Recruiter for Inditex’s Talent Centre in Barcelona and in trade marketing as Student Brand Manager at Red Bull Hellas.

Hector graduated from the University of Athens with a bachelor’s degree in psychology and completed a MSc in human resource management from the Athens University of Economics and Business.

He is bilingual in Greek and Spanish as well as proficient in English.

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