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Stanton Chase Athens offers Leadership and Culture Advisory services as a vital component of their offerings. These interconnected services are rooted in data-driven insights that drive actionable decisions. 

We collaborate closely with clients to evaluate leaders, find the perfect fit, build talent pools, and create succession and development strategies.

 We also empower leadership teams to visualize and measure their organizational culture, leading to a transformation of shared mindsets and practices that best align with their strategic goals. 

Working in tandem with leaders, we offer valuable insights and facilitate the development of growth-oriented action plans at both the individual and team levels, all in harmony with their organization’s strategic priorities.

Our mission is to actively engage and support leaders and leadership teams in unlocking their full potential and achieving peak performance, a crucial catalyst for success within any organization.

Our approach is agile and fully personalized. We employ a diverse toolkit encompassing personality and cognitive assessments, business simulations, structured interviews, 360-degree feedback surveys, individual feedforward sessions, and team workshops.

We offer a suite of solutions tailored to meet your unique needs, including:

  • Leadership assessment: offering insights into performance and potential.
  • Leader impact support: supporting leaders in their journey of growth.
  • Leadership dynamic evaluations: aiming to elevate team performance, trust, and commitment.
  • Onboarding solutions: facilitating smooth transitions for leaders entering new roles.
  • Agile leader development: fostering agile leadership techniques.

Our project teams consist of seasoned professionals with expertise in organizational behavior and industry knowledge. Their combined proficiency ensures a comprehensive and in-depth approach, resulting in valuable deliverables for our clients. 

Our team is rigorously trained and certified to apply cutting-edge methods and tools related to organizational culture, ensuring alignment with your organization’s strategy.

Transforming Intuition into Actionable Knowledge

In partnership with Culture Factor Group, a renowned global leader in culture and strategy insights and consulting, we offer guidance to our clients in harnessing the power of culture as a catalyst for growth and optimizing it to best serve their strategic objectives.

Utilizing the Multi-Focus Model™, which encompasses six independent dimensions, we assess three fundamental “facets” of organizational culture. This process empowers organizations to:

  • Align with their company strategy.
  • Accurately articulate their current, desired, and ideal culture.
  • Identify disparities between current and ideal culture.
  • Explore strategies for transitioning toward the desired culture.
  • Identify potential drivers and barriers for change.
  • Anticipate potential future cultural challenges.
  • Evaluate leaders’ capacity to steer cultural change.
  • Provide support to leaders in driving change.
  • Assist the internal “transformation” project team.

Journeying into the Digital Age

Virtually every company is transitioning into a technology-driven entity. Everyone is aiming to enhance efficiency in product creation, delivery, and marketing. 

But 70% of digital transformation initiatives face setbacks. These setbacks are primarily rooted in the absence of a company-wide digital culture, substantial digital skills gaps, limited innovation capacities, and difficulties in adopting new technology.

It’s important to recognize that digital transformation centers on people more than technology. Leaders must place a premium on investing in individuals who can adeptly harness technology’s potential. 

A company’s preparedness for a digital future depends on developing the next generation of skills, bridging digital proficiency gaps, instilling a digital culture, adopting digital-driven structures, aligning digital strategy and infrastructure, and nurturing a culture of continuous innovation that becomes ingrained in the company’s DNA.

In partnership with The Culture Factor Group, we’ve expanded our expertise, introducing two additional dimensions designed to help companies identify the factors that either hinder or facilitate the development of a digital culture crucial for driving innovation and fostering growth.

Our Core Solutions

Organizational and Digital Culture Transformation

A robust, data-driven, organization-wide approach that begins with strategy and the cultural imperatives it creates.

Our Organizational and Digital Culture Transformation visualizes methods of operation, identifies gaps, and proposes action points for change that will transform leadership practices and styles in a manner that optimally supports strategy delivery.


Leadership Team Culture Audit

A dynamic intervention for leadership teams that assesses their leadership approaches in comparison to the optimal mindset and practices needed to support the company’s strategy. 

Our Leadership Team Culture Audit offers insights that enhance self-awareness and facilitate behavioral change. It also provides a foundation for optimizing the team’s performance, aligning actions with words, and enhancing their ability to drive change and achieve results.

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