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Stanton Chase Athens Signs Diversity Charter

Stanton Chase Athens Signs Diversity Charter

October 2021


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Stanton Chase Athens is pleased to announce the signing of the Diversity Charter, in collaboration with Diversity Charter Greece. The Diversity Charter is a European Commission initiative and acts as a commitment for the implementation of equal opportunities and diversity in the work environment in Greece regardless of gender, race/color, age, disability, ethnic origin, or sexual orientation.

Diversity, equality, and inclusion are social priorities that are increasingly recognized as key ethical investments both socially and within corporations. As a consulting firm, Stanton Chase has already embraced these values, actively promoting equal opportunities as a means to promote effective corporate governance and business operations.

By signing the Diversity Charter, Stanton Chase Athens aims to contribute and reinforce the charter’s goals and spread its ideas, values, and principles so that other organizations can embrace and integrate them as an essential part of their organizational culture and daily practices.

Manos Panorios, Managing Director of Stanton Chase Athens, stated: “As people are at the heart of our business, equality, diversity, and inclusion are key values reflected in our daily practices. Our own team and work echo this philosophy, not only in the local offices but also globally. The signing of the Diversity Charter is not only symbolic but also an essential act of great impact. Our goal is for other organizations to follow our lead and help build together a better future, without any stereotypes.”

“Diversity and integration, as means of business growth, are key elements of Stanton Chase’s practices. In this frame, the team members of the multinational company will assume active roles as consultants of the Diversity Charter for local businesses, providing their expertise in matters of diversity and inclusion. We warmly welcome them.”

Stavros Milionis, President of KEAN and Founder of Diversity Charter Greece

The Diversity Charter, a European Commission initiative for the promotion of diversity in corporate working environments, was established in Greece in 2019. Greece has become the 23rd signatory country. The dissemination of the charter in Greece is led by KEAN.

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