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Industrial, Energy, & Natural Resources Survey 2023: Turning ESG Responsibility into Business Opportunity

Industrial, Energy, & Natural Resources Survey 2023: Turning ESG Responsibility into Business Opportunity

October 2023


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Combining innovation and sustainability can propel growth for industrial, energy, and natural resource companies.

Letter from the Authors

Dear clients and friends,

In today’s world, the importance of companies’ environmental, social, and governance (ESG) performance cannot be overstated. Investors, consumers, and regulators are all demanding greater transparency and accountability from businesses. At Stanton Chase, we recognize the need to stay at the forefront of these conversations and to uncover the strategies that are driving success.

To that end, we conducted a Global Executive Survey on The State of ESG in the Industrial, Energy, and Natural Resources Sectors.

The survey aimed to:

  • Identify key business challenges, ESG-related challenges, and opportunities in the industrial, energy, and natural resources sectors
  • Take the pulse of ESG performance through the eyes of business leaders driving the ESG agenda
  • Measure the progress companies have already made in terms of ESG implementation.

We believe that these insights will help companies improve their ESG performance, set themselves up for success in 2023 and beyond, and contribute to a more sustainable future.

We hope that you will find our survey report to be a valuable resource. As always, we welcome the opportunity to discuss these issues further and look forward to hearing your thoughts.

Warm regards,

Jan Duniec and Christian Ehl

“The industrial, energy, and natural resources business sectors are facing continual major challenges. This requires highly agile leadership focused on developing new products, business development, and the re-engineering of supply chains. Technology and Industry 4.0, coupled with a strong trend of reshoring and nearshoring, are also strongly impacting these sectors. Sustainability and ESG are currently perceived as competitive advantages but will soon become prerequisites.” — Jan Duniec, Global Practice Leader of Stanton Chase’s Industrial Practice

Key Findings

“The findings of our Global Industrial, Energy, and Natural Resources Survey 2023 indicate that the time is now for many organizations to take ESG seriously. Businesses need to understand that ESG is a business opportunity instead of merely complying with regulations. Top management should be encouraged to think outside the box, challenge the status quo, and become creative about finding new ESG-compliant business models and revenue streams. Bravery and smart investments will be rewarded as future market shares can be secured.” — Christian Ehl, Global Practice Leader of Stanton Chase’s ESG Practice

Click here to download the survey report to learn how your company can capitalize on opportunities, overcome obstacles, and gain a competitive edge through sustainability.

About the Authors

Jan Duniec is Partner at Stanton Chase Warsaw and the Global Practice Leader of Stanton Chase’s Industrial Practice. He is an experienced consultant with 17 years of plant and business executive management experience.

He is a graduate of the University of Manchester with an honours degree in Physics. He has dual Polish and British citizenship and is fluent in both languages. He was resident in the UK until 1991, and has been predominantly based in Poland since then.

Click here to learn more about Jan.

Christian Ehl is a Partner at Stanton Chase Düsseldorf and the Global Practice Leader of Stanton Chase’s ESG Practice. He has 19 years of experience in executive search, leadership advisory, sustainability, and ESG.

He finished his studies in international business administration at the Accadis Business School. He also completed a separate degree from the University of Newcastle (UK). He speaks German and English fluently and has a good understanding of Spanish.

Click here to learn more about Christian.

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