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India Market Study On Leadership Hiring And Talent Management Trends

India Market Study On Leadership Hiring And Talent Management Trends

November 2020


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The Emergence Of Future HR And TA Leaders

Prior to the events of early 2020, much of the global conversation surrounding human resources involved the future utilization and opportunities in digital, artificial intelligence, robotics, and machine learning. While many aspects of HR can and will truly benefit from the intricacies of technological advances, the COVID-19 crisis has made it clear that ‘human’ aspects like empathy, social relationships, emotional intelligence, and trust are crucial for sustainable success in business.

Amid the contagion effect of the pandemic on economies globally, HR leaders have emerged as strategic partners in maintaining stability, reassuring employees, and defining policies and practices in the new normal while actively engaging with key stakeholders in a rapidly changing environment. We have witnessed a monumental shift in the scope of HR during the past six months – an incredibly short period – as companies shift to remote work, hire, onboard and manage talent virtually, interface with customers digitally, and look to preserve employee safety above all. Managing people in changing, unpredictable environments is certain to stretch the limits of any leader.

At Stanton Chase India, we recently conducted a unique survey of HR and talent acquisition (TA) leaders across the country to gauge the shifting trends in leadership hiring and talent management practices. Titled “India Market Study On Leadership Hiring Trends,” this e-survey featured several questions formulated to facilitate a discussion on the topics and understand key topics on the minds of HR professionals. This study also uncovers topics that have been rarely studied before and was industry-agnostic.

A majority of our respondents:
were from the technology/computer sciences and pharma, life sciences, and healthcare sectors.

Around 55%

of respondents hailed from the industrial, automotive, manufacturing, aerospace, and construction sectors.

While 14%

of the respondents work in financial services.

Around 12%

of respondents were from other industries.

Read the full study here.

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