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2023 Survey Report: Executive Upskilling for Next-Gen Directorship

2023 Survey Report: Executive Upskilling for Next-Gen Directorship

May 2023


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The 2023 Survey Report on Executive Upskilling for Next-Gen Directorship provides invaluable insights into the skills and capabilities necessary for aspiring directors.

The report draws a comparison between the skills and capabilities of executives with previous board experience and those without.

Based on survey responses from more than 300 executives and directors from EMEA, LATAM, APAC, and North American countries, the report offers a global perspective on the changing expectations for directors. It highlights the importance of continuous learning and upskilling for directors, as the role requires a diverse set of skills beyond traditional business acumen.

The report not only highlights the most crucial competencies required to excel as a director, but it also delves into the availability of skills that are likely to be in high demand in the coming years. These include digital transformation, stakeholder engagement, and sustainability.

As part of the report, aspiring directors are provided with an actionable plan to secure a coveted position on the board.

Key Findings

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About the Author

George Vlachos is an experienced Corporate Governance Professional, a Global Strategist, and an Organizational Development Leader. He is a leading expert in the Corporate Governance and Leadership Advisory Industry.

George is a global member of the Institute of Directors (IoD), U.K. The IoD has also certified him as a Director. He holds an MBA and a Diploma in Marketing from Nottingham Trent University. George has attended and received specialized training in Executive Education for Leadership, Strategy, & Organization Development from Thunderbird University USA, the Creative Center of Leadership USA, and INSEAD Europe. He is a Strategic Business Partner of NASDAQ Governance Engagement Solutions, an Advisory Board Member of the NASDAQ Center for Board Excellence, and a Governance Advisory Council member of The Corporate Governance Institute UK & Ireland.

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