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Executive Search: A Natural Resources VP of HR Case Study

Executive Search: A Natural Resources VP of HR Case Study

September 2022


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> The Background

Two Industry Leaders on a Mission

One of the world’s largest gold mining firms reached out to Stanton Chase to partner on a special project. Like Stanton Chase, it is a leader in its field. Consequently, its human resources function is integral to ensuring its human capital is aligned with its global investments and activities.

Of course, not everything is about ROI. An effective human resources leader plays a crucial role in aligning your organization with the right trajectory, one where employees feel motivated, supported, and like they are part of the process. That is exactly why this gold mining firm approached Stanton Chase: it needed a Vice President of Human Resources who could envision and implement new diversity, equity, and inclusion (DE&I) initiatives and transform the company’s culture.

> The Challenge

The Search for a Human Resources Leader to Build an Inclusive Workspace

Recruiting a gold standard HR Vice President was not an easy task. The challenge was more difficult than simply searching for someone with extensive industry experience who had held a similar role in the past. It was also crucial that the search be conducted confidentially.

An additional challenge was finding candidates with expertise in leading major change management programs, who could empower its employees and challenge the existing status quo. The gold mining firm in question needed a DE&I trailblazer, specifically one who would be able to augment existing DE&I initiatives, as well as enhance the work it was already doing to empower indigenous communities in various jurisdictions.

> The Solution

The Best Talent Can Be Sourced with In-Depth Industry Knowledge

The first step in our process involved a thorough needs-based analysis in order to better understand the gold mining firm and its requirements. From this activity, we established a baseline with an accurate and complete role definition. We determined which core competencies we would seek in potential candidates and what cultural fit was best for the organization. Further in-depth interviews were conducted with key stakeholders to determine the key leadership competencies they considered crucial for success in the role.

Our extensive mining industry knowledge and our deep network of contacts in the sector allowed us to locate several potential candidates for a solid shortlist.

Shortlisted candidates were evaluated by our fit-for-purpose assessment framework—a leadership assessment that is unique to Stanton Chase. It ensures the best match for our clients by evaluating all relevant metrics and cultural fit.

Having presented the shortlist of candidates to the gold mining firm, we aided it in selecting the most suitable candidate for the role and negotiating an offer with them.

Our consultants regularly followed up during the selected candidate’s transition into their new role. By doing so, we ensured the gold mining firm’s new VP of HR was performing as expected, in addition to providing additional guidance and support.


A New VP of HR to Transform the Gold Mining Firm’s Culture and DE&I Initiatives

Our recruitment process, informed by our industry knowledge and contacts, allowed us to not only provide the gold mining firm with the best HR candidates in the industry but also to deliver the assignment quickly.

The candidates we presented to it participated in evaluations for leadership ability and culture fit, ensuring the selection process was objective and best in class.

The gold mining firm is pleased to confirm that the appointed person has been in the role for more than a year. They met expectations and continue to exceed metrics around DE&I.

As a pioneer of diversity and inclusion in the mining industry, it is excited about the initiatives that have been implemented thanks to its new VP of HR in Australia. The new VP of HR will implement these initiatives across its global operations, ensuring they all benefit from the changes being made in the Australian business.

If you have diversity and inclusion on your mind, and you are wondering whether your executives are up to the challenge, Stanton Chase’s consultants would be happy to assist you.

>Our Team

Renowned Natural Resource Industry Experts

Global Sector Leader for Mining & Minerals Processing, Greg Preston, and Regional Sector Leader for Mining, Fernando Rodriguez, have established themselves as key players in the sector on an international level. Their expertise and experience enabled them to handle this challenging and unique assignment quickly and efficiently.

“We take immense pride in helping companies in the Natural Resources industry find talent that can help them reach new heights. This assignment was completed with strict confidentiality and considerable research effort. The result is a committed and successful placement that matches the client’s strategic goals for diversity and inclusion.”

Greg Preston, Global Sector Lead – Mining & Minerals Processing

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