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Stanton Chase Dubai Partners with Hofstede Insights to establish Hofstede Insights MENA

Stanton Chase Dubai Partners with Hofstede Insights to establish Hofstede Insights MENA

October 2018


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Stanton Chase Dubai, the regional office of the top ranked global leadership firm, announced it has partnered with Hofstede Insights to establish Hofstede Insights MENA. This new entity will focus on representing and expanding the work of Hofstede Insights in the Middle East & North Africa Region.

Hofstede Insights delivers solutions to optimize international teamwork, to improve global cooperation, and to find the right balance between standardization and localization; this is accomplished by helping organizations and governments understand the impact culture has on their work practices and to work on creating their optimal organizational culture.

“We are excited to partner with Hofstede Insights,” said Wassim Karkabi, Managing Partner at Stanton Chase. “Hofstede Insights, based on the research of Geert Hofstede, has developed internationally valid, data-driven tools that help organizations to identify their own existing organizational culture, understand cultural differences and optimize their organizational culture to be in line with their strategy.  The Middle East region is rich with diversity, which complicates organizational effectiveness even further. At Stanton Chase in the Middle East, we have been utilizing the Hofstede Insights tools for assessing cultural fit for a long time. Using the tools of Hofstede Insights reinforces our fit-for-purpose model and guarantees a higher return on investment for our clients,” added Karkabi.

Egbert Schram, Group CEO at Hofstede Insights, also remarked on the new partnership. “Sustainability in leadership hinges on the fit between strategy and culture, and effective management of culture is crucial to succeed in today’s highly complex business environment. Our aim with Stanton Chase is to expand the awareness of the importance of culture — one of the most important components of any organization, yet often the most neglected.”

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