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Stanton Chase Belgrade Hosts 10th Annual Talent Management Awards

Stanton Chase Belgrade Hosts 10th Annual Talent Management Awards

December 2023


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Stanton Chase Belgrade was proud to celebrate the tenth anniversary of its Talent Management Awards last year.

Each year, Stanton Chase Belgrade presents this award to companies across various industries that have excelled in creating and implementing exceptional programs to nurture and develop their internal talent. These programs often involve a strong commitment to ongoing talent development and the fostering of partnerships with universities.

Milos Tucakovic.

Last year, Stanton Chase Belgrade witnessed an impressive lineup of companies, all highly recognized for their commitment to cultivating talent through innovative programs.

The Nelt Group was honored as the winner of the 2023 Talent Management Award. Given the array of compelling ideas and initiatives presented, the panel of seven judges decided to confer three additional special awards.

Nestlé received the Award for Cultivating Future Leaders, Erste Banka was granted the Award for Development Programs, and Mlekara Šabac was celebrated with the Award for Commitment to Talent Development.

Jury and award winners.
Nelt Group won the 2023 Talent Management Award.
The Award for Development Programs went to Erste Banka.
Mlekara Šabac received the Award for Commitment to Talent Development.
The Award for Cultivating Future Leaders went to Nestlé.

About the Author

Milos Tucakovic is a Managing Partner at Stanton Chase Belgrade. He is also Stanton Chase’s Consumer Products and Services Global Sector Leader.

Milos has almost two decades of executive search and leadership advisory experience, and prior to this accumulated nearly 30 years of human resources and management experience.

Milos is a member of the Serbian Association of Managers and Knowledge Committee of Serbia. He also lectures on management at the College of Hotel Management in Belgrade.

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