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Moscow’s View From the Top

Moscow’s View From the Top

September 2019


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Risks, Opportunities, and Prospects for Businesses in Russia

The Stanton Chase Moscow office is pleased to share their latest report, “The View From the Top: Risks, Opportunities, and Prospects for Businesses in Russia”, results from a survey completed in cooperation with EM, an international strategic communications and investor relations agency headquartered in London.

Key findings from the survey include:

  • The Russian economy continues to feel the bite of sanctions, but by now most companies have adapted to the “new reality.”
  • The majority of respondents agree that the economy continues to be in rough shape. That said, for their own businesses their revenue is growing, and over a quarter expect Russia to be a top source of growth in the coming three years.
  • Business in Russia is becoming more isolated – for better and for worse.
  • One of the top areas of concern was around rule of law and use of administrative resource to manipulate legal process.
  • Politics is the name of the game globally, as geopolitics dictates sanction, markets lean towards protectionism, and new alliances are forged.

For a closer look at these findings and expert analysis, download the full .pdf here. For the Russian version, click here.

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