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COVID-19 – Six months later and new “normality”

COVID-19 – Six months later and new “normality”

September 2020


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Several months into COVID-19 pandemic we have been perceiving huge and unpredictable changes in business operations and in people’s life in general. The changes that hit us all rearranged positions in the market, showed new manner of doing and planning business operations and brought about complete restructuring.

Taking an example of Spain, we can see the growth they had in the period March-April, and the change of situation in May and June. Studies have shown that the global economy is in the same situation. We surely know that airplane industry and tourism are now the most affected industries which have recorded losses in hundreds of millions of euros. Observing the economic
recovery in the majority of developed countries, famous economist Nouriel Roubini predicted slower shape of economic recovery – more likely “V“ shall turn into “U“.

Consequently, the pandemic has forced us to think of the ways we are working and how we are operating. Uncertainty and adaptability will surely be key characteristics of the economy and life ahead of us. Obviously, the adjustments and corresponding changes must be quick and relating to the imminent future. The biggest problem is that no one can predict the lasting of the pandemic and its intensity, but there is one thing that we surely know: the depth of crisis and its aftermaths are yet to show.
When can we expect to return into “new reality“?

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