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Taherian, CFO at Kinetics, on high visibility for aspiring leaders

March 2018
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Taherian, CFO at Kinetics, on high visibility for aspiring leaders Cover Image

Women and Leadership: How women can rise to the top

Suzy Taherian, Chief Financial Officer at Kinetics, speaks with Steve Caliger, North America Technology Practice Leader at Stanton Chase in this Women and Leadership series video. Suzy describes her career path, including the 15-year plan that she delineated at the outset of her career. She offers three keys to success for all aspiring leaders, and she emphasizes the factor that remains most challenging for females.

Suzy is an inspirational executive leader with an accomplished career history, and yet she continues to set goals and learn from other great leaders. She concludes the interview by sharing what she has learned from current and past leaders’ successes and setbacks. Listen to her story now. For more information about Kinetics, visit: https://www.kinetics.net/.

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