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Omnichannel in the Luxury Space: Skilled Talent Is Key

February 2018
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Omnichannel in the Luxury Space: Skilled Talent Is Key Cover Image

The evolving nature of executive search in the luxury sector

Imagine buying a luxury handbag on an online retail portal. You select your merchandise, hit checkout and pay from your digital shopping cart, and a few days later you receive your purchases. Convenient? Sure. But you can get the same buying experience purchasing a box of sandwich bags or a new toothbrush. In the world of online mass retailer shopping, there’s nothing about the buying experience that separates one product as being more exclusive than another. And while that might be just fine for everyday products, when it comes to luxury goods, the buyer experience is a big part of the “draw.” When buyers are considering a luxury product, they want an experience that reflects the brand – an experience which, in essence, provides them with the same exclusive feeling and benefits they derive from the product itself. They want this experience no matter where they encounter your brand – on your website, at a brick-and-mortar store, and even on the social media they visit. For a company who wants to retain its current audience and attract new customers, the order is a tall one – but with the right staff, it’s one your brand can definitely achieve. Read more.

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