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Leadership advisory is where experience meets aspiration

A leader’s best ally is a trusted advisor. That’s why Stanton Chase Prague offers a structured and modular leadership advisory program.  

This program aims to provide leaders, executives, and managers with a complementary set of services that further enhance the quality of their leadership in their specific roles. 

Our leadership advisory program is designed to propel leaders toward both short-term wins and long-term victories. We strive to turn vision into reality, one strategic move at a time. 

We focus on three key areas that are fundamental to leadership: 

  1. Strategy: Defining and implementing effective strategies. 
  2. Governance: Ensuring effective governance. 
  3. Development: Supporting leaders in personal growth and team development. 

Our leadership advisory stands out in both breadth and approach. We pivot toward mentoring, coaching, and the ultimate blend of both—our client-endorsed, uniquely effective hybrid support. 

How We Help

Our main objective is to support the development of dynamic leaders who thrive in complexity.
We fulfil this ambition through the following features of our services:


Who We Help

We tailor our advice to two distinct client segments, each with a unique value proposition: 

For executives and top leadership roles 

  • We address a wide array of professional topics and pinpoint best practices.  
  • We act as an independent consulting ‘sparring partner,’ providing a discreet platform for clients to consult on specific business areas. This enables continuous refinement of their leadership/management style and allows us to address their current business challenges. 

For middle management and other experts

  • We focus on helping our clients to rapidly acquire essential leadership competencies.  
  • The program is designed to swiftly impart critical leadership and management skills, while also identifying strengths, weaknesses, and ‘toxic’ behavior patterns that can impede success. 
  • Our clients benefit from accelerated leadership and management effectiveness. This minimizes the risk of major mistakes. 
  • We prepare this client segment through hands-on experience for career advancement and the assumption of greater responsibilities. 

Our Toolbox

Executive mentoring

Our mentoring services focus on holistic development, encompassing both personal and professional growth. We strive to build long-term mentoring relationships.  

We offer personalized recommendations from seasoned professionals, and immediate feedback. Clients benefit from targeted expertise, catering to a broad spectrum of management and leadership roles. 

Executive coaching 

Coaching can help executives and leaders tackle specific challenges and goals by focusing on changing their mindset and providing support for their specific tasks to achieve the desired progress. An executive coach offers guidance and aims to improve or teach specific skills. 

Hybrid executive mentoring and coaching

Hybrid mentoring and coaching offers a highly effective leadership advisory approach, blending the best of both worlds.  

This approach leverages the speed and effectiveness of mentoring in terms of sharing management and leadership skills, complemented by coaching’s ability to generate fresh perspectives. 

Identify Leadership Gaps 

Is your leadership team falling short of what your business needs? We can upgrade their skills and bridge that gap. 

We specialize in enhancing leadership potential. Using proven tools like the HOGAN methodology, SHL, MBTI, and Stanton Chase’s proven competency model, we assess and boost your leadership’s abilities.  

The outcome is leaders who are aligned with your vision, ready to elevate your business and ensure lasting success. 

Develop Your Leadership 

Our leadership advisory services are the ultimate choice for leading businesses committed to elevating their executives, managers, and leaders.  

We specialize in rapid, efficient development. We also embrace a holistic, ethical approach that prioritizes your business’s prosperity and the well-being of the leaders in the making. 

Highlighted below are the key domains highly sought after by our clientele, perfectly aligned with Stanton Chase’s core leadership competencies. We can help you develop them.

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