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The new 3 Cs for Digital Leaders

The new 3 Cs for Digital Leaders

October 2018


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Does your digital leader have them?

“ In 2000, Reed Hastings, the founder of a fledgling company called Netflix, flew to Dallas to propose a partnership to Blockbuster CEO John Antioco and his team. The idea was that Netflix would run Blockbuster’s brand online and Antioco’s firm would promote Netflix in its stores. Hastings got laughed out of the room.”

And the rest, as they say, is history.

Most people believe the downfall of companies like Blockbuster, Kodak, and Xerox to be the CEO’s failure to envision the future. While the tales are a bit more complicated, the reality is rarely does one hear about the digital leadership behind the CEOs. These companies did not recognize that all businesses were to become technology focused, and therefore it was critical to hire leaders with a prowess in digital processes. This paper focuses specifically on why the selection of a digital leader is paramount for business success. Read more.

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