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Stanton Chase celebrates 25 years of executive search excellence

Stanton Chase celebrates 25 years of executive search excellence

March 2015


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Hundreds of the world’s leading executive search consultants will converge in this city in mid April to celebrate their company’s 25th anniversary and to recognize the success of its unique, client- first innovative business model.

These search professionals are all part of Stanton Chase, a global retained executive search firm with over 70 offices in 45 countries that is now ranked among the Top 10 in the industry.

A closer look at Stanton Chase, however, shows it to have a unique business model that distinguishes it from competitors. Critical in this model is the firm’s global footprint — one of the largest in the executive search industry — allowing Stanton Chase consultants to be in close proximity as a trusted leadership partner to clients in virtually all markets.

“We are an entrepreneurial corporation,” said Mickey Matthews, International Chairman and Managing Director of the Baltimore office. “Unlike other search firms, our partners own their respective offices, ensuring an entrepreneurial culture that is sensitive and responsive to local markets, regional trends and client requirements.”

Each partner owns a percentage of the global corporation, creating an environment that fosters trust and collaboration that spans cultures and continents. The success of this is validated, according to Matthews, by the fact that 2014 yielded a record number of client referrals throughout the firm totaling almost 20 percent of revenues well above industry standards.

“We are not a publicly held firm,” stresses Matthews. “Our work for clients is laser-focused on assessing and capturing fit-for-purpose leadership talent not quarterly earnings or answering to shareholders. We answer only to our clients who are seeking the finest executive talent from around the world.

“While we will be celebrating our 25th anniversary, we will also continue to fine-tune our unique and quite remarkable entrepreneurial business model as we look forward to the next 25 years serving many of the most prestigious companies in the world. Our work for clients is laser-focused on assessing and capturing fit-for- purpose leadership talent.”

Stanton Chase was founded in 1990 with a small group of offices from Amsterdam, Los Angeles, Baltimore and London, all with a common goal. Since then it has placed thousands of successful leaders in more than 100 countries that have transformed companies and have made a considerable impact.

“The partners at these independent offices realized that their scope of business was limited to the local area,” said Matthews. “By creating a collaborative client-centered organization and maintaining entrepreneurialism rooted in trust and deep relationships, the geographic scope immediately expanded in the United States and throughout Europe.

“We are a fast-moving, agile organization which allows us to be more responsive to client needs through our senior-partner involvement,” added Matthews. “Through this expansive global footprint, our partners regularly collaborate, finding the finest executive talent to meet the needs of clients on all continents. It is clear that we have an enormous impact on global business and a responsibility to counsel clients and recommend leadership candidates who will lead them into the future.” 

With clients rapidly expanding their international presence, Stanton Chase has followed them, experiencing tremendous growth both in locations and in practice group specializations. Today, Stanton Chase has sector knowledge in the following disciplines enabling it to better serve trusted clients:

• Consumer products and services
• Financial services
• Government, education and non-profit
• Healthcare
• Pharmaceuticals
• Industrial
• Natural resources and energy
• Professional services
• Technology
• Human resources
• Private equity
• Financial officers and CFOs

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