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Gaining the Competitive Edge: Data Analysis in your organization

Gaining the Competitive Edge: Data Analysis in your organization

November 2016


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Insights from a Stanton Chase Partner in Amsterdam

The Stanton Chase Technology Practice Group is a strategic partner to clients within all major market sectors and regions. Recently, in ongoing conversations with our clients, we have heard many executives voice concerns relating to the seemingly endless opportunities and overwhelming demands presented by big data.

• How can we identify and acquire the best talent that will approach data analysis with ingenuity?

• Who will pioneer and evangelize the adoption of data analysis efforts in our organization?

• How can we, as an executive management team, harness the potential of our data and utilize it to gain a better comprehension of business processes, meet current objectives, and plan for future successes?

• How can we clearly understand and communicate our organization’s proprietary data?

By 2020, the number of internet-connected devices recording or generating information is expected to increase by 400% and the amount of data stored will grow 50-fold, transforming every business into a data-driven business.

In short, accumulating massive amounts of data is – or soon will be – commonplace for every major organization. Simply owning data will not be enough to differentiate your organization from its rivals.

To give your business a competitive edge, you must acquire creative, data analytically minded talent within every function and at every level of your organization.

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